Bindi Irwin Shares A Heartwarming Pregnancy Update

Just weeks shy of entering her third trimester, conservationist and zookeeper Bindi Irwin, who married Chandler Powell earlier this year, has taken to Instagram to share a sweet "bumpdate" with her 4.1 million followers (via Today). "I thought I'd share a bumpdate with you," the soon-to-be first time mom wrote as a caption to her post, which featured an adorable selfie of her growing tummy. "Thank you for your lovely comments and support on this remarkable journey," Irwin added, and then, included a comparison that only she would have knowledge of given her family's love of wildlife.

Most pregnant moms compare their babies' sizes to a fruit or vegetable, with Parents noting a baby at 26 weeks is about the length of a zucchini. Similarly, BabyCenter says around this time, a baby's length can be compared to a scallion. But for Irwin, of course measuring her little one against an animal makes far more sense. And you'll love what she came up with as a means to share with her fans the approximate size of her daughter.

Bindi Irwin's pregnancy journey documentation has been unique all along

"Now that I'm 26 weeks pregnant, our daughter is about the same size as a shingleback lizard," the 22-year-old wrote in her "bumpdate." But that's not all — the Australian star also noted she had added a photo of "Pinecone the shingleback lizard" to illustrate her point, and commented "I think [the lizard] is really excited about that."

Meanwhile, we've had fun keeping up with Irwin as she shares her pregnancy journey with us. The animal lover recently also posted a video of her ultrasound appointment, writing, "Our beautiful daughter is the light of our lives. Beyond thankful that she chose us to be her parents. I can't wait for her to be here next year."

This also isn't the first time Irwin has compared her daughter's size to an animal, sharing a 20-week bump pic along with the caption, "Halfway there! 20 weeks pregnant and our baby girl is about the same size as a recently hatched emu chick."