The Truth About Andrew Cuomo And Kerry Kennedy's Marriage

When it comes to his love life, New York governor Andrew Cuomo was most recently in a 14-year relationship with Food Network star Sandra Lee. The pair split in September 2019 but remain on good terms. Prior to his relationship with Lee, Cuomo was married to a member of America's most famous political dynasty: Kerry Kennedy, the daughter of Robert F. Kennedy and Ethel Kennedy.

Cuomo and Kennedy tied the knot in 1990, but the Kennedy family had reservations about Cuomo, as reported by Vanity Fair. "Andrew refused to do anything fun, anything without a clear benefit to his career," a family acquaintance of the Kennedys noted. The Kennedy clan enjoyed a good time, and they saw it as a serious red flag when Cuomo took charge of wedding planning and banned toasts at both the wedding reception and the rehearsal dinner.

Nevertheless, the couple married and had three daughters: Twins Mariah and Cara (born in 1995), and Michaela (born in 1997) (via People). But by the time Michaela was just two months old, discussions of divorce had turned from not "if" but "when" (via New York Daily News).

Cuomo and Kennedy officially split in 2005

According to the New York Daily News, Kerry Kennedy was ready to call it quits by the time Andrew Cuomo launched his failed bid for governor in 2002. She reportedly thought he didn't spend enough time with the family and was horrified when the Rolling Stones song "Sympathy for the Devil" was played during a campaign event. The song contains the lines "I shouted out, 'Who killed the Kennedys?' / When after all, it was you and me," — a decidedly insensitive choice in the presence of a family that has suffered so much tragedy.

The divorce was finalized in 2005. A decade later, the New York Post reported that Cuomo and Kennedy were still battling in court over child support for their daughters' education and healthcare costs. In response, the pair issued two joint statements denying any financial disputes, but a source told the outlet that Kennedy only signed the statements because Cuomo had finally agreed to make certain payments and she hoped to shield her daughters from the drama as much as possible.

Today, Cuomo and Kennedy appear to have reached a détente (via Marie Claire). While Cuomo works to manage the coronavirus pandemic in New York, Kennedy is a prominent human rights activist and serves as president of the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights nonprofit. Their paths have crossed professionally, like when Cuomo signed into law the Farm Workers Bill which Kennedy had championed for years (via North Country Public Radio).