Target Employees Want Customers To Know This Before Shopping

Ah, Target. A haven for shoppers who just want to peruse aisles endlessly and buy a ton of stuff they really don't need — along with household essentials, of course. While we know how much fun a Target run can be, have you ever stopped to think about how store employees might feel about our obsession with the store? Which means we may try on shoes, roll out rugs, sniff candles for a half hour, and overanalyze lip gloss shades?

It turns out there are some customer behaviors Target employees don't appreciate, since it makes their jobs far less enjoyable. In fact, according to BuzzFeed, less considerate shoppers abound, committing shopping sins like leaving garbage in shopping carts, abandoning perishable food in other aisles and carts, not returning their shopping carts, and worst of all, treating employees like they aren't even human beings. In the piece, employees 'fess up that some shoppers are truly rude, tossing money at them at checkout, and even beckoning to them with zero respect.

Consider Target employees' feelings the next time you shop

Certain transgressions can happen in any store — for instance, Target employees aren't super thrilled when customers come into the store at the last minute before closing, or attempt to gain entrance to the store before it opens.

Specifically, in one Reddit thread, Target employees also share that sometimes Shipt shoppers get on their nerves. Apparently some aren't the nicest, with one commenter sharing, "I'm friendly with the ones at my store. One of them introduced me to a new employee as 'the only Shipt shopper who treats us like real people' so just remember the golden rule and you'll be fine."

Rude shoppers in general seem to be the worst part of working at Target, with one employee telling Business Insider, "guests that forget you are a real person" make the job insufferable. Another employee noted it's often the case that certain customers "won't be happy no matter what you do." Case in point: Per Mental Floss, some customers are convinced employees are hiding merchandise in the back when employees can't find what they are looking for!

In the end, it's a good lesson for all of us to treat Target employees with respect — and those who work at any store for that matter.