Why Bridgerton's Soundtrack Is Turning Heads

While Bridgerton may be a historical drama, it takes some liberties with historical accuracy. For example, while its stunning costumes are based on Regency-era patterns, many of the colors and fabrics are brighter and more elaborate than people would have worn two centuries ago. It's this over-the-top embellishment that truly sets Bridgerton apart, though. "It's rich and it's of the moment and it's clean," costume designer Ellen Mirojnick told Harper's Bazaar.

The same could be said of the show's soundtrack, which features modern tunes arranged to sound like they come from the classical music era. The effect is incongruous yet charming, with Netflix referring to the songs on Twitter as "ye olde bops."

The official Bridgerton account on Twitter helpfully linked to a playlist of the modern hits featured on the show which includes string covers of Ariana Grande's "thank u, next," Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy," and Taylor Swift's "Wildest Dreams."

Bridgerton's score is a hit with viewers

Composer Kris Bowers, who is responsible for Bridgerton's show-stopping music, revealed that all of the covers were recorded remotely. "I'm so thankful to not only have been a part of this incredible show, but to also make music like this with all of our musicians recording remotely," he said in a statement (via EW). "I couldn't have done this without my team and the amazing musicians who put a tremendous amount of heart and emotion into this score, all from their home studios."

The covers have been a hit with Bridgerton viewers. "On episode 3 and the music on this show is amazing!" tweeted one fan. Another tweeted, "Y'all, modern music in period pieces definitely has my heart."

While the covers are the standout of the Bridgerton soundtrack, the Shonda Rhimes show does feature some actual classical tunes including music from composers like Shostakovich, Offenbach, and Beethoven (via Classic FM).