What Bridgerton's Rege-Jean Page Says About His Chemistry With Phoebe Dynover

If you haven't watched Netflix's Bridgeton, you need to stop what you're doing and start bingeing it now. Based on a series of period romance novels by Julia Quinn, the period drama is set in Regency London in 1813 and follows a high society debutante, Daphne Bridgerton (played by Phoebe Dynover), who is on the hunt for a husband. Cue the Duke of Hastings (played by Regé-Jean Page), who find themselves (spoiler alert!) completely and utterly obsessed with each other. And their chemistry is on fire!


Speaking on Good Morning America, Page admitted that "Chemistry is probably the easiest part [of the job] because Phoebe is lovely." He went on, "And we were working with such wonderful material. The characters already existed. These are bestselling books — people love them — and they have great chemistry in the books. All we had to do was channel through this amazing chemistry that already existed." 

Bridgerton's Regé-Jean Page and Phoebe Dynover worked with an intimacy coordinator

Beyond their natural chemistry, killer acting skills, and the screenplay, the two also worked with an intimacy coordinator whose job it was to ensure they always felt safe filming intimate scenes. "It was so great to have an intimacy coordinator," Dynevor told Los Angeles Times. "We blocked every scene weeks before we started, so by the time we got to set, we knew exactly what we were doing, and we both felt safe, and it made the whole experience a lot easier and nicer for both of us," she continued. The result? Some seriously steamy scenes and a love story you actually believe.


While Netflix is yet to confirm another season, even the cast are hoping there will be. As Page told TV Guide, "Love is an evolving thing. It's a living, breathing thing that needs tending, that needs looking after, that needs mending when it gets worn or torn. They get married very young. They still have a lot of growing to do. They have a lot to do, and I think it'll always be fun to watch them do that together." We couldn't agree more.