The Untold Truth Of Carly Waddell

Carly Waddell and Evan Bass were one of the most successful couples in Bachelor history. After meeting on Bachelor in Paradise in 2016, the unlikely duo seemed destined to live happily ever after only to shockingly announce their impending divorce, after three years of marriage and two kids, earlier this week. In a joint statement to People, the reality stars noted, "We have made the difficult decision to separate. We will always cherish our time together and continue to have the utmost respect for one another as we focus on what's best for the future of our family."


Their son Charlie was born in November 2019, after daughter Bella, whom the couple welcomed in 2018. Trouble was seemingly brewing when the duo disappeared from each other's social media feeds in the weeks leading up to their official announcement. Waddell promised followers she was going to be fine, and looking to the future seems to suit her. 

Carly Waddell didn't watch Evan Bass on The Bachelorette

They seemed like a strange pairing on Bachelor in Paradise and, when questioned about whether she had her eye on Evan Bass from the outset, Carly Waddell admitted that was not the case. In fact, she did not even notice him on JoJo Fletcher's Bachelorette season, his original appearance with the franchise. Speaking to Glamour in 2016, the reality star admitted, "I saw two episodes, but I was drinking wine and eating popcorn with my girlfriends, half paying attention." 


Waddell did acknowledge the kismet, however, noting, "I knew he was from Nashville, and that's a huge thing for me. We live seven minutes away from each other. It's out of control." Waddell did not approach her return with a game plan in mind, explaining, "I just wanted to walk in and not know anyone. I didn't really tell anyone I was coming... I just wanted to go in with an open mind and get to know people that I ordinarily get to know and just see what happened." 

Carly Waddell met her BFF Jade Roper Tolbert on The Bachelor

Although the women on The Bachelor are all competing against each other for the love of one man, living in a villa together with no contact with the outside world often helps them form strong bonds throughout the season. As Carly Waddell explained to Her Campus, "I would high-five someone when they were going on a date because I was excited — like if Jade [Roper Tolbert] was going on a date, I'd be so happy for her! Even if I wished it was my date, like, you're still happy that your friends are getting the same experience you get." 


Her bond with Tolbert was especially strong. The two subsequently appeared on Bachelor in Paradise together and got engaged in quick succession. "We both had kids around the same time, we both became moms at the same time, and we have a podcast together now [Mommies Tell All], so we've been really bonded in friendship and momhood and business," Waddell gushed. Of her positive experience with the other women in general, she reasoned, "We just always supported each other, pretty much throughout everything."