New Details Emerge About Bachelor In Paradise's Carly And Evan's Separation

Bachelor in Paradise fans were saddened to learn that unconventional couple Carly Waddell and Evan Bass were ending their three-year marriage. Following a joint statement from the former lovebirds in December, the 35-year-old reality star mom shared a new YouTube video explaining what went wrong with the relationship.

"I call this the divorce room because this is where Evan told me he wanted a divorce. He was sitting right where I'm sitting" Waddell explained (via People). She went on to share about herself and Bass, who share two kids, Charlie, age 1, and Bella, age 2, "We tried for a really long time to make it work."

Waddell added her perspective on why they couldn't save their marriage, saying, "We focused a lot more on the kids than we focused on ourselves and ultimately I think that was probably our biggest downfall. The kids came at the top of the pyramid and we never put ourselves at the top."

Carly Waddell also shared a glimpse into her new normal

In the honest video, Waddell confessed she and Bass had been in therapy for years (via E! Online). The former cruise ship performer also admitted, "The last two years have just been really hard." She added, "I always told him that if he wanted out then it was his call because I'm just a person that would never be out. So, what are you gonna do? If somebody doesn't want to be with you, they don't want to be with you."

In a recent Instagram post, Waddell also opened up about life post-split from Bass, rawly captioning a sweet shot of her new family-of-three, "Christmas Day isn't what I had excepted [sic] this year. The three of us. The new normal. Which feels incredibly abnormal, and actually very sad."

The single mama added, "A lot of you kind people have asked if I'm ok. And I want to say I am, but I'm not. I will be though. Today is the first day that both kids are staying at Evan's house overnight. I feel like I'm missing a piece of my soul."

Waddell ended her post on a bright note, however, sharing that her kids were feeling very loved, which is the most important thing.