What You Don't Know About Dr. Dre's Wife, Nicole Young

Nearly a quarter century of marriage may as well be a lifetime in the entertainment industry, which is why it came as some surprise when Dr. Dre's wife of 24 years, Nicole Young, filed for divorce from the producer, rapper, and music giant also known for his trendy headphones. 

Nicole Young was born Nicole Kendra Plotzker, but other than that, little is known about her life before her first marriage to Los Angeles Lakers point guard Sedale Threatt in 1992, and when she was just 22 years old (via Heavy). Nicole was married to Threatt when she met Dr. Dre, a.k.a. Andre Romelle Young, and he is said to have written a love letter to her in 1995 saying, "Hopefully you doing well and you realized you need to quit f***ing wit (sic) Sedale and come home to your Doctor. I will take care of you baby girl." A full copy of the handwritten note can be found on Celebtattler

Dr. Dre and Nicole Young share two children

Biographypedia says Nicole's first marriage was rocky, and that she eventually left her first husband in 1996 to be with Dre and they married in 1996, after dating for just four months. Nicole and Dre have two children of their own, a boy named Truice who was born in 1997, and a girl named Truly who was born in 2001. Nicole is also stepmom to the rapper's other children.  

While several entertainment media sites say Nicole was a practicing lawyer who gave up her career to become a housewife, Heavy says there doesn't appear to be any record of her having practiced law in California, and the State Bar of California site doesn't list Nicole Young, Nicole Threatt, or Nicole Plotzker.  The outlet also says it's not known where she might have studied law, or even where she practiced.