Crystal Hefner's Recent Surgery Nearly Had A Scary Ending

Hugh Hefner's widow Crystal is getting brutally honest about a recent plastic surgery she says nearly cost her her life (via People). The former Playboy covergirl, who married Hefner in 2012, also shared the lesson she learned from her ordeal via a lengthy Instagram post (via E! Online).

"I had a fat transfer surgery October 16 and almost didn't make it through," Hefner captioned a picture of herself wearing what looked like a surgical bra. "I lost half the blood in my body and ended up in the hospital needing a blood transfusion," she bravely added.

⁣It seems this was not the first time Hefner went under the knife and regretted it, with the 34-year-old going on to share, "I advocate for being natural since I got very ill and removed my implants and everything else toxic in my body in 2016. I should have learned my lesson the first time but I guess the universe keeps sending you the same lesson until you learn it."

The blonde beauty's post would go on to share her insights into why she may have felt pressured to undergo plastic surgery, and how she finally feels ready to put this chapter of her life behind her.

Crystal Hefner reflects on the past decade of her life trying to live up to an impossible standard of beauty

"Our culture is a trap and makes women feel terrible about themselves," Hefner, nee Harris, went on to opine, adding that movies, ads, and social media exacerbate the problem. "How our culture defines beauty makes it impossible to keep up with," the former Playboy mansion resident went on to say, adding, "Women are overly sexualized. I know from the worst kind of experience."

"For ten years my value was based on how good my physical body looked. I was rewarded and made a living based on my outer appearance," Hefner recounted of her years in the spotlight while dating and then married to Hugh Hefner. "To this day I need to write reminders of why I'm worthy that have nothing to do with my physical appearance to convince myself that I'm enough," she then confessed.

⁣The repentant star ended her raw post by saying, "I feel sorry for the next generation looking up to people whose looks aren't even attainable without lots of filters, makeup, or money and women need to stop feeding into it." Finally, she admitted, "This is a huge slap on my own wrist for caving into this pressure, even now in my 30's — as I thought I would have learned my lesson by now."