This Dodgeball Actress Is Gorgeous In Real Life

Ben Stiller's 2004 film, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story had us laughing right up until, well, now. The quirky  story about a gang of misfits banning together to stop the swanky owner of Globo Gym from taking over Average Joe's gym has cemented itself as a comedy classic with it's hilarious one liners and memorable scenes (hello funniest car wash depiction ever). Yes, this film may be as laugh-out-loud funny as it is because it was so over the top. And some if it was so excessive, it masked the true beauty of one of the film's stars. That's right, Fran. We're talking about you.


The character Fran (no last name as it's pronunciation in the film was made hilariously unpronounceable) was played by actor Missi Pyle. And while we loved Pyle's depiction of a roided out foreigner with brilliantly accurate dodgeball throwing skills, we're also loving her real look as well. It doesn't seem like Pyle would want to permanently look like her ahem, less attractive character Fran, but she did find the positives. "It was really freeing to be, just, you could do whatever you wanted and be a little bit ugly" she says (via Red Carpet News TV).

Fran's look may have been inspired by Pyle

The gorgeous Missi Pyle had to do her part in convincing the casting directors she was the right woman for the role. And it looks like Fran's more memorable features may have been Pyle's idea. "I thought, 'Well, she's got to have the unibrow going,'" she shares. "I penciled one in for the audition. And I put my hair up in all these little ponytails. And red, red lipstick. Because I just knew this girl would, despite looking hideous, really worry about her lipstick" (via Orlando Sentinel).


These days Pyle is sporting a little less eyebrow and a little more on her resume with roles in the films: Gone Girl, Kiss Me, Captain Fantastic, and Slash. She's also been appearing on television shows, flaunting that fantastic bone structure with guest roles on Another Period, The Soul Man, and Sing It! (via Albany Daily News). We're happy to hear Pyle's acting career is looking more like a feast than a famine. After all, the insanely controlling Fran wouldn't allow for famine.