Who Is The Bachelor's Saneh Ste Clare?

We said goodbye to many amazing women on night one of Matt James' journey to find love on The Bachelor. Among them was the uber positive Corrine Jones of Connecticut. And, of course sadly, Saneh Ste Clare did not receive a rose on the season 25 premiere. But the 25-year-old IT consultant from Denver, Colorado handled the rejection gracefully, even sharing a poignant post on Instagram following her dismissal, in which she shared her battle with anxiety.

"When my next-door neighbor, Katie, nominated me for the show last year, I had initially decided against moving forward with the process because I was terrified of what people would think and say about me," Ste Clare admitted in the honest post. "Allowing myself to be so vulnerable on such a large platform was incredibly difficult, and it's something I never imagined doing."

She would go on to open up about her experience, including sharing her gratitude for the experience on The Bachelor, no matter how short.

Saneh Ste Clare has a great attitude toward life

In her ABC bio, the dark haired beauty is described as having a "contagious zest for life." For someone who admits to suffering from anxiety, it seems Ste Clare has pushed the boundaries of what is possible to experience, including having swam with sharks in South Africa! Indeed, the Bachelor hopeful shared on Instagram, "As someone who is often crippled by anxiety, going on the show was a huge challenge for me."

Meanwhile, the star also admits to having learned a lot from her past relationship and "having a refreshed outlook on life." As far as her perfect man goes — we are sorry it isn't James — she says she is hoping to find a "selfless, ambitious, considerate, and empathetic" partner. Perhaps her future husband should also enjoy her love of the outdoors, including sunrise yoga and marathon running. Oh, and he'd better return his shopping cart at the market — because people who don't do this are Ste Clare's pet peeve.

Saneh Ste Clare is a quirky animal lover

In a promo video, Ste Clare revealed herself to be quite an individual, noting she would want 25 more birds if she could have that number of anything. Hey, no judgement here! Meanwhile, a look at the seemingly sweet-natured former contestant for James' heart's Instagram reveals she loves dogs, and yes, birds. In fact, Ste Clare shared in a sad post that she recently lost her parrot of 20 years.

"To my oldest friend — Two decades of companionship I will forever cherish. Thank you for growing up with me, I wish you could have stayed for the rest," she captioned a photo of herself and her beloved bird.

Elsewhere on her Instagram, we see Ste Clare adventuring in snow and sand, and clearly displaying that zest for life she describes in her bio.

Saneh Ste Clare is at peace with leaving The Bachelor early

Despite not receiving a rose from James at the rose ceremony, the Florida native shared in her Instagram post, "I have been blown away by the love, the encouragement, the HYPE, and the humanity from so many." She added in part, "It didn't matter to me how far I made it; what did matter was that I would not compromise myself in any way during filming or otherwise. I stayed 100% true to myself."

The new reality star also encouraged the other ladies still left looking for love, noting, "This is an incredible group of women and I'm excited for everyone to continue watching their journeys."

This is one young woman who is seriously impressive and we wish her all the luck in the world finding her perfect partner in life.