What Happened To Chay Guillory From My 600-Lb. Life?

Where has the time gone since we last saw My 600-lb. Life's Chay Guillory? Luckily, it seems there's been nothing but love and happiness in the life of this alum. Since her appearance on the TLC show, Guillory has gotten engaged, according to In Touch Weekly. And from the looks of her Instagram page, she continues the weight-loss journey she started on the reality series years ago.

When Guillory first appeared on the TLC series, the Louisiana native was living with her grandparents and weighed over 600 pounds. When her grandmother died, her food addiction went into overdrive, and she sought renowned Texas physician Dr. Now for help. According to The Cinemaholic, Guillory is not part of Dr. Now's weight loss program anymore. However, since her appearance on the show, fans have been keeping up with Guillory, including her spotlight moment when she came out as a transgender.

"I feel like for so long I have lived a lie," Guillory shared, per In Touch Weekly. "I was trapped in a 600-lb body and now I started to believe I can do this. And once I lose the weight, it will be possible for me to be the person I have always identified as — and that person is a woman."

Chay Guillory is now a married woman

But the icing on the cake happened in February 2020, when she married her longtime beau, Patrick Mulvey. The couple officially announced their engagement in July 2019. "I'm so excited for this next chapter of my life and have never been happier. God bless all of you, and once again thank you abundantly," Guillory shared at the time (via Instagram). She also thanked her fans for their "outpouring of love and support." Their wedding ceremony was a "quiet one," according to Starcasm. Her bridal photo received over 1,500 likes, including congratulations from fellow 600-lb Life alums, Nikki Webster, and Brittani Fulfer.

At one point, Guillory had taken the name of her husband and went by the first name Lola, but she decided to switch it back. "I live my entire life, 24/7, as a woman, because that's what I am. I'm known as 'Miss Chay." Chay told Starcasm in a February 2020 interview. "Once people started calling me [Lola], I realized I don't like it so much for myself. So, I decided to just keep my regular name — 'Chay.'

Today, Guillory is enjoying the skin she is in, posting weekly mirror selfies. She has started a TikTok page and is an avid plant lover, per Instagram. We continue to wish Guillory all of the love and happiness she deserves.