The Perfect Winter Detox Ritual Probably Isn't What You Expect

The winter months can wreak havoc on our minds and bodies, but it is always relaxing to treat yourself to a little TLC to get yourself as back to normal as possible (via Insider). Many blogs published swear they know the secret to the fountain of youth and how to keep those lips from chapping after a brisk walk. There are some at-home beauty remedies that many swear by, like lighting a scented candle to cleanse your space and trying to do some yoga or exhalation techniques. Breathing in and out at a controlled pace helps alleviate stress, according to Mindful, and the intentional breaths help to relax the body from a hard day's work. Deep breathing can be found in many forms of therapies and is an excellent reminder to help keep you centered when the going gets tough. The idea of deep breathing, according to the outlet, is to teach your brain to defuse stress and relax.

What is a detox?

According to Healthline, a detox to usually mean a special diet or ritual that a company or others claim can rid your body of nasty toxins. But in more recent times, the word "detox" has become a trendy word for people who want to drop a few pounds. Your body is a dedicated machine and is naturally outfitted to be able to fight off any toxins, but it is possible to enhance the system.

Still, during the winter, everyone feels run down, and all anybody wants is a bit of rejuvenation. According to Healthline, you should be cheering your body on since it can automatically target your liver, kidneys, digestive system, skin, and lungs from hanging on to toxic vibes. If you are worried about what you are putting into your body, some tips are to limit alcohol intake since drinking comes with its own set of health issues, get those eight hours of beauty sleep, and hydrate as if you were a mermaid. While your body will do all the detoxing you need naturally, there are still some great rituals to help you feel refreshed.

The bath you will swear by

Vogue recently reported that the perfect winter detox ritual is to take a hot ginger bath. The outlet notes that baths have been a go-to for healing the body for centuries, often used in China's ritual bathings. The tub is said to have properties that soothe the mind and body. The famed magazine reported that ginger has been used in Asian cultures for over thousands of years and can be found in everything from food to their beauty products.

When it comes to medical benefits, ginger is often used as an anti-inflammatory and for people with digestive issues. But in Chinese culture, ginger has chi, which is the sacred energy force that resides within all living things. Anna Lam, who founded GingerChi, swears by it, saying, "Eating ginger and taking a ginger bath all help warm the meridians, opening the blockages to promote the flow of blood and the chi throughout the body." If you still aren't sold on the luxury bath, soaking yourself in ginger can also help with a better night's rest, and who doesn't want some quality Z's?