Here's Why You Should Eat More Green Almonds

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If you're always on the go, green almonds make for a quick-and-tasty, guilt-free treat. Not only are green almonds packed with antioxidants, but they've also been proven to prevent hair loss and promote the growth of new hair (via StyleCraze).

So, what makes a green almond any different than a "regular" almond? Green almonds are basically young almonds that have yet to develop into the hardened, brown shells that you usually see in the grocery store (via The Spruce Eats). They're also a bit fuzzy and have a soft, inner nut. And, as you've probably gathered by now, they're green in color. 

Green almonds are available in the spring, between mid-April and mid-June, and (for California residents) can usually be found at your local farmer's market or a Middle Eastern market, if you have one nearby (via Food52). When browsing, be sure to choose almonds that are noticeably green in color and "free of brown spots." If you don't live in California, you can purchase green almonds online. Even Amazon has them.

Benefits of green almonds

Almonds are loaded with Vitamin E (via, which not only supports the immune system but promotes skin health as well (via Healthline). Vitamin E also helps protect your cells from free radicals created by UV rays, pollution, cigarette smoke, etc. So by eating almonds regularly — the Food and Drug Administration recommends eating 1.5 ounces of almonds per day (via Harvard School of Public Health) — you could be preventing signs and symptoms of aging, such as wrinkles and black spots. 

In addition to being a superfood, green almonds are also versatile and easy to cook with (via Saveur). You can add them to a charcuterie board, sprinkle them into a salad, or whip up a flavorful gazpacho (via Food52). You could even add a few green almonds to your favorite ice cream for a crunchy finish. When it comes to green almonds, the possibilities are endless.