The Real Reason Everyone's Talking About Nancy Pelosi's Impeachment Dress

If actions speak louder than words, Nancy Pelosi's choice of outfits for Wednesday's House impeachment vote spoke volumes. It seems only fitting that the Speaker of the House would don, as confirmed by People, the exact same ensemble she wore to President Trump's first impeachment in December 2019.

The intention behind her wardrobe choice seems to scream "second time's a charm," while simultaneously pointing out the absurdity of a sitting President getting impeached twice in one term. Down to the necklace, Pelosi's two-piece dark suit is styled exactly like it was the first time around only without, as Today pointed out, the golden mace brooch she wore at the first impeachment, which was, as described by the Washington Post, "inspired by the mace of the House of Representatives that depicts an eagle atop a silver globe and 13 bundled rods representing the original colonies."

With the addition of a navy mask with a floral motif, it was a somber nod to what someone might wear to a funeral or to represent a time of mourning. In this case, it was a mourning for our country — not only in the wake of the Capitol riots, but for the reality that the charge of "incitement of insurrection" is for its own president.

Twitter users were the first to notice the symbolism of Nancy Pelosi's outfit

As the New York Post reported, it was the quick eye and fast fingers of Twitter users that first noticed Nancy Pelosi wearing the same suit twice. With both comedy and poignancy, the twittersphere erupted in applause for the Speaker and her symbolic gesture. Twitter user @jencurran said it best, "I KNOW this shouldn't be the focus, but Nancy Pelosi in the same dress for both impeachments is the exact kind of trolling our grandmothers taught us and the exact kind of business I am here for."

Bringing some much needed levity to the harsh reality of the day, @AkilahObviously snarked, "I like to imagine Nancy Pelosi was asked, 'Wow. What are you gonna wear?' and she was like, 'Same thing I wore last time.' And it was a joke but then she really did it."

And while the overall sentiment on social media has been finding the humor in the horror, twitter user @thesolo_HelenV shared what is likely the most important statement coming from Pelosi's gesture, "When I hear (read) people making negative remarks about Nancy Pelosi ... her effectiveness, age [etc], all I can do is shake my head. They know not what they speak of ... they lack the wisdom/experience to recognize her instinct, the strong subtle force she is, because of her years and wisdom."