What Is Black Seed Oil And What Does It Do For Your Hair?

If you're suffering from hair loss or baldness, look no further than black seed oil. Per Byrdie, black seed oil — oil extracted from the seeds of black cumin or Nigella sativa — is packed with health benefits that are used not only to clear acne and aid in weight management, but also to promote hair growth and establish a healthy scalp.

After being discovered in Southeast Asia, black seed oil became a popular additive in food and was also pressed into an oil for hair and skin. But how does it work? Well, as Byrdie explained, the oil has anti-inflammatory components and is also filled with plenty of antioxidants and antimicrobial properties, which are great for the scalp and help prevent hair thinning and loss.

More specifically, black seed oil contains a powerful antihistamine known as thymoquinone. As some may know, people with alopecia are often given antihistamines to help them grow back their hair, or to fix any spots where thinning is evident. So, when it comes to using thymoquinone, people are often met with not only thicker, but also softer and shinier locks. Heathline, meanwhile, revealed that a study done in 2017 saw patients reporting up to 76% less hair fallout after using black seed oil.

Here's how to use black seed oil to promote hair growth

To experience the benefits of black seed oil on your own hair, check out bottled products from beauty and herbal suppliers if you want a ready-made formula quick. However, if you're more of a do-it-yourself kind of person, Stylecraze shares a step-by-step process you can try at home. 

Start by pouring out two tablespoons of black seed oil into your hands and then rub your hands together to warm up the solution. Next, massage the black seed oil into your scalp, focusing on the problem areas first and most. After covering your scalp in the black seed oil, work the product through the rest of your hair starting from the roots and traveling to the tips. Let the solution stay on your hair and scalp for 30-60 minutes, then wash off with shampoo. According to the outlet, it is safe to use the black seed oil two to three times each week.