A Surprising Number Of Women Prefer Reese Witherspoon's Wardrobe Over Gigi Hadid's

Nowadays, there are so many celebrities vying for the spotlight that it can be a bit overwhelming. But there can always be a lively discussion found amongst women on who they would like to take fashion advice from. The List conducted a survey of 574 women around the country and asked them whose fashion sense was best, and the winner is... Reese Witherspone! Gigi Hadid only came in with 10 percent of the vote, with Zendaya coming in second with 15 percent. Rounding out the survey were Billie Eilish with 10.45% and Harry Styles with 6.79%. Of course, not everyone saw their style icon on the list; 14.63% of participants wrote in their own stars, ranging from Rita Hayworth to Helen Mirren to Michelle Obama.

While each have their own special taste, Witherspoon is one of Hollywood's most iconic actresses. It's not just because she consists of pure, untainted talent. Since childhood, the blonde has been walking the line between her fashion choices, always staying true to her southern roots. Speaking to People about her successful clothing line, Draper James, Witherspoon revealed that her grandmother gave her the inspiration for the colorful and preppy clothing line, telling readers, "She was just sort of this quintessential Southern lady. She didn't leave the house without feeling somewhat put together." Women all over the world gravitate towards Witherspoon's fashion sense because she exudes a simple life lesson that everyone can make a note of, that it doesn't matter what is happening within your life, but you have to make sure to show your best self off.

What, like it's hard?

According to our survey, 56 percent of women would choose the blonde's iconic style. Witherspoon shares the same mindset as her famous character, Elle Woods; according to People, the mother of three truly believes when you look good on the outside, you also feel great on the inside, telling fans, "I know that's what Elle Woods says, but it's true! When you look good, you feel good."

While using the power of pink and with the help of her sidekick, Bruiser Woods, Elle/Witherspoon took girl power and being feminine to whole new heights, showing women that they should feel confident within themselves, not to mention helping the next generation of women lawyers blossom, according to ABA Journal. The New Orleans-born actress's style is unmatched, and she has a few rules she lives by according to Town & Country, which includes "My rule is if it's not moving — monogram it." Above all, Witherspoon is comfortable in her own skin and resonates her girl next door attitude, connecting with a wide range of age groups.

Reese Witherspoon's style is timeless

The actress' fashion flair will hardly go out of style since most of her closet is full of classic items. The Sweet Home Alabama star has made it her mission, according to Market Watch, to embrace body positivity in her Draper James line by introducing a plus-size section so women of all sizes can enjoy her clothing. If you were to ask most fans why they love her and her fashion choices, most would probably answer that she has stayed true to her roots and has always handled herself with dignity, often telling women to "Embrace your inner shrew and do something," a nod to her speech at Hollywood Reporter's Women in Entertainment event. The Wild actress will continue to make waves in Hollywood one monogrammed bag at a time, and movie lovers will continue to look to her for fashion inspiration.