The One Household Chore 21% Of Women Wish They Never Had To Do Again

Doing chores around the house keeps everything clean, tidy, and disinfected, but it is not always a joy to do. While it is necessary, there are those tasks people wish they could skip completely and never have to do again.

In a survey of 574 women in the United States, nearly half of them said that cleaning bathrooms is the one they would choose to leave behind for good, with 44 percent and 253 participants picking this option.

These results may not be surprising, but toilet bowls can contain 3.2 million bacteria per square inch, bathtub plugholes can have 120,000 bacteria per square inch, and bathroom countertops can be covered with 452 bacteria per square inch. It may not be enjoyable, but based on these stats from The Sun alone, cleaning the restroom is absolutely necessary!

Second place, with 21.43% percent of the votes, went to ditching washing dishes.

There are several household chores women wish they didn't have to do

The bathroom and the kitchen are the two germiest places in the home, as reported by CNN, so it makes sense that is where some of women's least-favorite chores take place. However, there are several other duties around the house that are not loved.

Over 15 percent of those surveyed chose laundry as the household chore they wish they never had to do again. And even Vox called it a "vicious cycle" and described it as "never-ending", with the need to always wash, fold, put away, and repeat.

Following closely after this came mopping or vacuuming, with about 12% of the votes, and next up was sweeping, with 4%. About three percent of participants said "other", and the majority of those elaborated with one final, dreaded chore: dusting.

As stated by Advocate Aurora Health, a cleaner house can lead to less stress, a decrease in allergies, improved safety, and reduced germs. Some may dream of skipping the process, but household chores are vital to a happy and healthy home.