Whatever Happened To The Girl Who Looks Exactly Like Elsa From Frozen?

Many little girls dream of one day being a Disney princess. For Anna Faith, this became a reality. Back in 2014, when Faith was 18 years old, her life changed when she took a photo standing next to a cutout of Elsa from Frozen and posted it to Instagram after noticing the resemblance. "We went to the mall and there was a cardboard cutout in front of GameStop," Faith told ABC News, "and my mom, sister and best friend were all like, You should take a pic in front of the cutout." It's safe to say, neither Faith nor her friends and family could have expected what came next — the photo went viral, racking up over 35,000 likes.

Sisterly love

Faith is not the only one in her family who's a Frozen character lookalike. Her sister, Lexie, has been compared to Anna from the movie, so the pair began to dress up together. Actual sisters playing sisters?! Stop (but don't). And there is nothing but love between these sisters. Anna told Cosmopolitan in an interview (via Seventeen), "Lexie wanted to go see [Frozen] with me right when it came out, so we went with each other and we fell in love with it. It just kind of worked out that way. I absolutely find it amazing how we both look like the characters and are huge fangirls of the movie."

Singing it out

Faith dreamed of being a performer long before her fame took off, telling Cosmopolitan (via Seventeen), "I started performing publicly in second grade, and that's around the time when I started modeling. I've been in musical theater and things like that. Right now I'm doing a lot more modeling than singing, but I hope to start singing a lot more now." A few months after Faith's first Elsa-featured Instagram post, she and Lexie were featured on Fox News' Fox and Friends to tell Anna's story. During the interview, Faith proved she more than looks like Elsa, but has the voice to sing her songs as well, singing "Let It Go" during the program. She later told ABC News, "I was born a singer... That's what's fun doing Elsa too, I get to sing 'Let it Go.' ... I write songs too, I already have songs planned out I want to sing to people."

Doing good

So how has Faith's life changed since before she was discovered as the Elsa doppelganger two years ago? Faith told Official Emily Cline on YouTube, "It's definitely changed a lot now because I have a lot of younger kids following me. And, you know, I get a lot of things from parents saying, My children look up to you, and they want to be just like you when they're older." And with that, the Frozen fun continued to snowball.

Faith and her sister still dress as Elsa and Anna, not just for social media, but also for good causes. Faith has posted multiple photos of her and her sister bringing smiles to kids at different schools, hospitals, and fundraisers throughout the years. Faith sees the impact she makes with all of these visits. She told Hollywood Life, "A lot of parents actually cry when they see me, because sometimes they can't go to Disney World because something's holding them back, like money, and so this is how their child meets a character they love so much."

And this goes beyond just the United States. Speaking to Official Emily Kline, Faith said, "The publicity is great because more people found out about me from other countries, and want me to go to their hospitals to see more kids. I don't look at this publicity like, 'Oh my God, I'm famous,' but like, 'oh my gosh, these people, you know, they want my help. They want me to go visit them- make their kids feel great.'"

Once Upon a Time

Faith wanted to audition for Once Upon a Time when it was announced that Elsa would be joining their cast of characters. And Faith's fans took notice. She told Cosmopolitan (via Seventeen), "I'm so surprised at the people that are trying to help me get that part. I just posted it Thursday, asking people for help because I don't know how to get this audition. People started the hashtag #AnnaAsElsa. So hopefully ABC and Once Upon a Time can see that I really want to be Elsa and at least have an audition for the part." And they did. Faith was given the chance to audition. She took time on Instagram to thank her fans for getting her this far, saying, "So yesterday I auditioned for ABC's Once Upon A Time. Thank you all soooooooo much for allowing me this opportunity. I couldn't have made it here without all of this love and support."

Cosplay continues

It is not just Elsa who gets the spotlight. Faith's cosplay has reached many other favorite Disney characters. From Tinker Bell, to Sleeping Beauty, to even the latest Cinderella, Anna has shown that she is the queen of Disney cosplay and beyond. And today, Faith's new inspiration is Harley Quinn, from Warner Bros.' recent film, Suicide Squad. She even found her own Joker to fit the part. Back in July of this year, Faith posted a photo of her dressed up as the trouble-making Harley Quinn, saying "New cosplay of Harley Quinn. So the question is... Who's excited for Suicide Squad!?" Since then, she has attended various cosplay events in her Harley Quinn gear. Faith continues to show her style smarts, even beyond her Elsa-beginnings.

Becoming Wonder Woman

Faith has continued her love for cosplay with a new look. The internet sensation dressed as Wonder Woman after the new film came out. Not only did she look the part of the titular character, but she also opened up about how big of a fan she was of the film.

As Faith commented on one of her Instagram posts, "All I can say is WOW!!! I'm so impressed with the movie, I don't even know where to start. This movie went beyond my expectations!! I loved everything about it."

And with this character, Faith has taken on a whole new role as an actress. She partnered with @cosplay_and_coffee to create a parody video, where she played the part of this ultimate superhero.

She's taking on fake social media account users

Having been discovered via the Internet, this is where Faith's fame took off. With the excitement and opportunities that come with her success online, there are some negative points as well.

Faith took to YouTube to address issues she has been experiencing, making all of her fans aware of fake accounts that have been created in her name. In her video, Faith shared, "Ok, over the past couple years I've been dealing with crazy fake accounts. We have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, dating profiles...things like that."

The fake accounts have reached an intense level of presence, as some have been used to initiate fake relationships with people online. Faith continued, "I have people coming to me all the time saying they think they've been in a relationship with me for two years. And I have to be the one to break it to them, saying that it was never me. And it crushes me and that other person. It's absolutely terrible."

Not only is Faith opening up to the public about this issue, but she also shared in the video that she is working with an attorney in order to report these false accounts.

She is newly engaged

In July of 2017, Faith had another important announcement to make to everyone on social media; she's engaged!

The Internet sensation posted to Twitter to share the good news, and the photos are picture-perfect. She wore a princess-like, blue dress, while her boyfriend, now fiancé, was in a suit with matching blue tie.

Photos show the picturesque moment after the proposal, when rose petals fell over the happy couple. Faith's tweet was short and sweet, as she shared, "GUYS WE'RE ENGAGED I CAN'T BREATHE." The chances seem likely that Faith will have the ultimate fairy-tale wedding.

Will she ever give up on Elsa?

With more than 750,000 Instagram followers, Faith continues to share her favorite life moments with fans. Although she has continued to expand her cosplay picks, we still see Elsa appearances throughout her social media feed. And does Faith see an end to this Frozen fame? Not so much. When discussing how long she will continue to dress up as Elsa, she told Cosmopolitan (via Seventeen), "Hmm. I think a while. Because I really can't see it going away anytime soon. I mean, Cinderella is still a crazy big Disney character. That's how I think it's always going to be." Just think: Anna Faith's life would be completely different if she had decided not to post that picture standing next to the Elsa cutout a few years ago.