The Surprising Jobs Billie Eilish Would Do If She Weren't A Musician

Pop phenomenon Billie Eilish has revealed what she would be doing if she wasn't a Grammy-award-winning musician. And it's not what you think. Speaking on an episode of Vanity Fair's "Slow Zoom", a YouTube series run by the publication where your favorite stars answer increasingly personal questions as the camera closes in them, the "You Should See Me in a Crown" songstress admitted that if you she wasn't where she was today, she would be working at Jamba Juice or Trader Joe's. Yes, really.

"I mean, I used to think I would just work at Jamba Juice and just live my life," the singer revealed. "Honestly, either Jamba Juice or like Trader Joe's, thats where I thought I would work," she then added. And that's not all! She also said she always thought she would be a backup dancer for another musician, "which is ironic." We couldn't agree more Billie!

Billie Eilish believe fame has kept her out of trouble

Given the fact Billie Eilish found fame at the age of 13, it's unlikely she ever had the chance to really think seriously about her career and dreams. They just kinda happened (in the best possible way). And it's something that she's grateful for to this day, holding the belief that being famous has actually kept her out of trouble. Opening up on The Howard Stern Show about becoming famous at such a young age in 2019, she admitted, "Because it happened when I was 13, there's a part of me that feels like... I didn't get to be a teenager – like, a normal one."

But she explained, "More and more I get grateful for it happening that young," adding, "I feel like if it happened later, people would be able to dig up dirt from when I was that age. If this hadn't happened at that age, I would've been doing some reckless s***."