BTS' Jungkook Reveals A Brand-New Look That's Turning Heads

Jeon Jungkook of the popular K-pop band BTS revealed a makeover via the group's official Twitter account Sunday. The South Korean singer and songwriter shared a selfie that transforms his sleek black hair to luscious blond locks as he pouts his lips for the camera. By Monday, the tweet was trending worldwide with over 2.3 million likes and 1 million retweets. 

No explanation was given for the bleach-blond makeover, but the BTS Army seemed to love the new look, taking note of his black coat, necklace, and earrings as well as his background, with some tweets speculating the headboard came from IKEA. Others quickly noted that Jungkook once again broke a Twitter record, with the tweet surpassing 2 million likes in 8 hours and 28 minutes and second only to a Charlottesville response tweet by President Barack Obama that earned over 4 million likes on the social media platform, according to Variety.

Jungkook Is No Stranger To Breaking Twitter Records

The youngest member of BTS, Jungkook, 23, rarely dyes his hair, but has been different shades of blond before. He debuted his new blond look earlier this month during a performance of the group's song Dynamite during The Golden Disc Awards, one of South Korea's biggest musical events, according to Stylecaster.

He also doesn't often take over the group's social media accounts, but he has impact when he does. Forbes reported in May 2020 that the teen idol's cover of Lauv's song "Never Not" reached 1 million likes in only 10 minutes when the band shared it on Twitter.  As the group's main vocalist, Jungkook has also released solo tracks as far back as 2016 (via Elite Daily). The Korea Times reports the singer's solo efforts topped Amazon's international bestseller charts in January, with the song "My Time" reaching No. 1.

The BTS Twitter account currently has over 32 million followers.