What Happened To Kimberley Walsh From Girls Aloud?

Girls Aloud was a put-together band for TV on a talent show called Popstars, much like the One Direction of the late 1990s, according to The Guardian. The group consisted of five stunning English-Irish women: Cheryl Tweedy, who is now known as Cheryl Cole and famous in her own right; Nadine Coyle; Nicola Roberts; Kimberley Walsh; and Sarah Harding.

Over a ten-year career, the quintet had 21 U.K. Top 10 singles, including "Jump," as it was featured in Love Actually when Hugh Grant danced to it in Number 10 (Downing Street). The group was nominated for five Brit Awards and won the Best Single for their song, "The Promise." Without a doubt, Girls Aloud was one of the most successful made-for-TV bands ever to be created (via BBC News). But like every group, there comes a time that they decide to break up and break fans' hearts in the process.

What happened to Girls Aloud member Kimberley Walsh after the group split?

Since the Girls Aloud decided to split up in 2013, Kimberley Walsh has had an ongoing feud with Nadine Coyle, as reported by The Irish Sun. It was reported back in July at the height of the lockdown that Walsh had decided to end her seven-year battle with her former bandmate. Since the girls parted, the 38-year-old's relationship with her once close friend had been strained.

It seems that pandemic was a time for the singer to look into her soul as she told the magazine, "Lockdown has been a time for reflection. Nadine and I were chatting the other day, and we're going to get the kids together as they haven't met yet." If music fans have forgotten, the reason for the longtime feud was due to Walsh feeling there was backstabbing in the group, telling the outlet that her bandmates were upset she was given more solo and vocal opportunities.

What Kimberley Walsh has been up to these days

While still with the group, Kimberley Walsh fronted her own clothing collection and also climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for the charity Comic Relief, according to The Mirror. Making sure to put her vocals to work, the newspaper also reported that she took her talents to the stage, including a West End production of Shrek in 2011 and a staging of Strictly Come Dancing the following year.

These days, the singer continues to act and sing. In fact, in 2019, she starred in a theater production of Big, alongside former The Wanted member Jay McGuinness (via Hello!). Walsh also recently shared some happy news with her fans as she posed with her two sons, Bobby and Cole, over Christmas to confirm that she was expecting her third child with husband, Justin Scott (per Digital Spy).

Kimberley Walsh and the rest of the Girls Aloud girls were also supposed to meet up for Christmas but had to put their plans on hold due to Sarah Harding's cancer. There were also rumors reported by U.K.'s The Sun that the ladies were looking at throwing together a new CD full of new music in 2021, but it seems like their plans will have to wait.