The Gift Nearly 27% Of Women Would Be Most Excited To Receive From Their Partner

Picking out the perfect gift for a partner can take a lot of time, effort, and care. That's why when you receive something in return that matches your personality and interests, it makes it 10 times more meaningful. If you think back to the best gift that you've ever gotten from someone you love, the price of the gift most likely isn't what stands out. Instead, it was probably because the gift was thoughtful and chosen especially with you in mind. It all boils down to the simple fact that it's nice to feel appreciated and understood.

Research shows that the kind of gift you receive can actually impact your relationship. In a study published in SAGE Journals, scientists analyzed people's responses to practical gifts versus seemingly expensive gifts (but were actually the same price). They found that people generally preferred the practical gift (via Great Good Magazine). The study participants felt closer to the gift giver because their gift was more useful and convenient, which proves that the cost of a gift isn't everything and the thought put into it is much more important.

The List was curious about gift preferences and what makes a good gift, so we did some research of our own. The List polled 574 women in the U.S. and asked them to choose the best gift they could receive from a partner.

A hand-written card is the sweetest gesture

Today, writing a love letter sounds outdated, but it's still the best way to someone's heart, according to The List's survey. Of the 574 women polled, roughly 27 percent picked a hand-written card as the gift they'd love to get from a partner. It's easy to see why a personal love note ranked the highest, considering the amount of thought that goes into writing out sweet or funny messages that define your relationship. Plus, the popularity of romance films like Netflix's To All the Boys I Love series, which is centered around romantic love letters, makes the idea of a hand-written card from someone you love even more appealing (via IMDb).

A hand-written card may have won first place, but the race for the best gift was pretty close. Following closely behind was jewelry, with 26.31 percent of respondents saying yes to this gift. The type of jewelry being gifted should depend on your relationship status, according to Jewelry Wise. If your relationship is just starting out, stick with a simple but classic pair of sterling silver or gold stud earrings, whereas a diamond necklace is better suited for long-term couples. 

Up next was perfume, with a little over 10 percent saying they would want this gift, followed by a designer handbag with 15.68 percent of the vote. Apparently, flowers aren't as popular, since they came in last with just 12.72 percent of voters choosing them.

Other note-worthy gifts to add to your cart

As is the case with every survey, respondents always have the opportunity to add on to the choices given. This survey was no different, with 8.54 percent of respondents writing in their own gift preferences. The results were amazingly diverse, with some commenters selecting a surprise vacation or getaway as their top choice. One person kept it short and sweet and said she would love to be surprised with a night out, while a few others got sentimental and said they would love a gift from their partner that is heartfelt and shows they truly know them. This could come in the form of little gifts that support their hobbies and interests.

At the end of the day, the survey reveals that the money you spend on a gift isn't what really matters. As the old saying goes, "It's the thought that counts." And it really is the thought you put into the gift that makes the experience on the receiver's end a lot more memorable.