The Truth About Matthew McConaughey And Jennifer Lopez's Iconic Wedding Planner Kiss

2001 was a different time, when Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Lopez were just getting started building their A-List empires. Then, the rom-com classic of the year came out — The Wedding Planner

To celebrate the 20-year anniversary of the film that grossed nearly $94 million worldwide, both actors took to Instagram Live to mark the occasion and discuss what the movie meant to them, Glamour reports. After both Lopez and McConaughey voiced their disbelief over how quickly two decades have passed, they connected over a few moments from the movie. Lopez was quick to remember the excitement surrounding their budding careers and their on-screen chemistry.

"I so enjoyed working with you," Lopez said. "We had such a nice rapport and chemistry. We were somewhat at the beginning of our careers at that time. It was exciting to be working on any movie." 

Apparently, playing the iconic roles of Dr. Steve "Eddie" Edison and Mary Fiore feels "like yesterday" for both of the actors, ABC notes. After Lopez dubbed the filming experience "magical", McConaughey sang his costar's praises. "You prepare so well for everything you do. I love your intentionality, I love how deliberate you are."

Both McConaughey and Lopez said that their kiss was memorable

Beyond the cheeky dialogue and the charismatic main characters, The Wedding Planner provided audiences with the thrill of romance. To this day, many remember the iconic kiss that sent people swooning. Apparently, the experience was similar for the actors.

Glamour reports that Lopez asked her co-star during the Instagram session about their time filming the more intimate scenes. "Do you remember doing that scene where you were about to kiss me? And I remember you saying to me, I don't know if you remember this. You said, 'Ms. Lopez, I'm going to kiss you now.' And I was like, 'Okay, let's do it. Let's kiss.' I remember that clearly."

Always the gentleman we imagine him to be, McConaughey doesn't disappoint when it comes to being polite! So, that connection we saw on screen definitely translated to behind-the-scenes as well. But, beyond just her memories of the kiss scene, Lopez also revealed her favorite line in the movie. 

After first meeting his soon-to-be love, Eddie tells Mary that she smells like "sweet red plums and grilled cheese sandwiches," to which Lopez still enjoys laughing about. "It was just that idea of her fading out and kind of like this Prince Charming just rescuing her and her saying, 'You smell like grilled cheese and plums.' It was just so real," she said with a big laugh (via ABC).

Whether it's the big screen or just an Instagram Live session, these two clearly are meant to make us smile.