How Lockdown Finally Gave Queen Elizabeth A Break

Lockdown has definitely had its downs for many of us, but for Queen Elizabeth II, spending time in isolation has offered her majesty some much-needed downtime (via People). According to People, the coronavirus pandemic has given the Queen the opportunity to rest.

"In her twilight years, I'm sure it is quite lovely not to have the pressure" tending to social events and public appearances, says an insider. "It is possible this is the only slight rest she's ever had in her whole life," another source adds. "She is well. She's in good fettle."

According to, the Royal Family participates in nearly 2,000 official engagements per year, which may include official state responsibilities, banquets, or garden parties among other events. With so many responsibilities to tend to each day, it's no wonder the Queen is finally taking a bit of time to focus on self care.

Lockdown has also given the royal couple a chance to spend some quality time together

Though Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip have spent most of their time isolating at Windsor Castle, the Queen has continued to participate in her royal duties including giving televised speeches and appearing in Zoom calls (via Vanity Fair). Even so, the couple finds time to eat dinner together each night — a rarity, considering Prince Philip usually lives at their Sandringham estate in Wood Farm while the Queen stays in London (via Royal Central).

Both the Queen and Prince Philip received their coronavirus vaccines earlier this month at Windsor Castle. According to People, the vaccines were administered by a household doctor (via People). "She has led by being an example to others," a source tells People.

In addition to getting rest and tending to official royal business, the Queen has devoted her spare time to horseback riding. Though, according to People, she's switched from horses to Fell ponies, as they're "a little closer to the ground."