Ted Cruz Lets It Be Known How He Really Feels About NYC's Future

Ted Cruz has had a few social media run-ins with New York's politicians of late. Last week, he replied to New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's tweet calling for an investigation into Robin Hood's decision to block retail investors from purchasing certain stocks after a strategic investment stunt tanked a hedge fund. Cruz replied to Ocasio-Cortez, saying, "Fully agree." But this brief moment of solidarity was quickly dashed when the congresswoman shot back, "I am happy to work with Republicans on this issue where there's common ground, but you almost had me murdered 3 weeks ago so you can sit this one out. Happy to work w/ almost any other GOP that aren't trying to get me killed. In the meantime if you want to help, you can resign." Her comments were in reference to the insurrection at the Capitol (via Spectrum Local News). 

Now, Cruz has made his thoughts about New York City's government and its handling of the COVID pandemic crystal clear. This morning, in response to Mayor Bill De Blasio's tweet that read, "Move over Austin, because as the song says, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere — and it's easier than ever for young dreamers to make it in the greatest city in the world!" Cruz replied, "NYC is a great city ... except for the idiot politicians who shut down every restaurant, theatre, synagogue, or small business. The madness must end. Come to Texas!"    

Twitter users are both enraged and excited by Cruz's comments

As you might expect, the response to Cruz's assertions have drummed up a very polarized response on Twitter, with some vehemently backing Cruz, and others mercilessly bashing him. Those on the opposing side, tweeted things like, "Come to Texas where they don't give a s*** about public health! What an endorsement!" and "A simple mask mandate would have prevented many deaths & kept businesses open."

Meanwhile, those agreeing with Cruz said things like, "Come to Texas, but check your liberal ideas at the state line!!!" and "Let's pray that when they do come, their voting will support that which has made Texas great over many years now, and that they don't vote for policies and people who have ruined states such as NY and CA." Still others chimed in from outside the U.S., with one adding, "Come to New Zealand! We had complete lockdowns, gave people financial support, and wore masks. Actually, you can't come 'cause we won't let you yet. Get Covid under control and then come."