The Truth About The Intruder Incident At Suzanne Somers' Home

A home invasion is one of the most terrifying things you can imagine — yet when it happened to Suzanne Somers, she remained calm, cool, and collected as ever. As reported by Page Six, the 74-year-old actress and entrepreneur was hosting a Facebook Live session to promote her organic beauty brand when she was interrupted by a stranger wandering onto her property. Somers was streaming outdoors on her Palm Springs estate along with her husband, television producer Alan Hamel, when she was rudely interrupted. 

While in the midst of a contouring tutorial, Somers seems to hear a noise and asks Hamel if there was someone was there. She then calls out to the intruder who responds, "I'm here!" and approaches Somers, but remains off camera. The man appears to be slurring his words and says that he was being followed by "ghosts" and that the sound of a frog croaking nearby was the "devil." When asks how he got onto the property, he says, "A friend led me up this hill, and then I came down."

After glancing into the camera to her viewers watching the bizarre ordeal, Somers calmly asks the man to leave, adding, "You don't scare me." "I am doing a show here," she remarks before the man replies, "I do a show everywhere, all day long." The stranger is eventually escorted off the property and the police are called.

Somers reveals why she was able to remain so calm

Throughout the entire incident, Somers seemed unfazed, which she later told Page Six was because she and Hamel were expecting dinner guests later that evening. "That's why I was so friendly at first," she told the outlet. "[But] when he came closer, he barely had any clothes on." While it certainly must have been unsettling for a half-naked stranger to approach her, Somers also noted that because of his state, "I could see he didn't have anything, he didn't have a weapon."

"This guy obviously got lost," she continued. "He was odd, he was very odd. But he wasn't threatening — like get whatever you have to defend yourself and head for the hills." The actress also attributed her ability to stay calm to growing up with her alcoholic father. "I've written several books about being a child of an alcoholic," she said. "One thing that happens, you either crumble from it, or you become crisis oriented."

Hopefully, the man is not a stalker, but even if so, Somers luckily won't be on the property longer. The actress and her husband recently put their home up for sale for a cool $8.5. million and have been preparing for their move. "Maybe it was God's way of saying, 'Time to go," Somers reflected while speaking to Page Six. She's already lowered the asking price twice (via SFGate), but it's unclear how a partially nude intruder might impact the price.