This Is Why Martha Stewart And Snoop Dogg's Unlikely Friendship Works

They first got together in 2007, when he appeared on her TV show and they bonded over her classic mashed potato recipe (via The Oprah Magazine). Since then, America's domestic doyenne Martha Stewart and rapper Snoop Dogg have shared what fans consider to be an unlikely friendship — a pairing that some think make Oscar and Felix of The Odd Couple look more like Chandler and Joey on Friends.

But is this friendship as unlikely as some fans think? Clinical psychologist, public speaker, and author Dr. Adolph Brown doesn't think so, because while they may look like they come from different worlds, Martha the East Coast preppie and Snoop the West Coast gangster rapper have more in common than it might first appear. "Martha and Snoop share a love of cooking. Snoop made several appearances on The Martha Stewart Show, including an episode where he made his famous chocolate brownies," Brown told The List. The friendship is such that when Snoop released his first cookbook From Crook to Cook in 2018, it came with Martha foreword. 

Snoop and Martha also share a passion for bringing people together, Brown says, and we see this in their hit show, Martha and Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party, which features a hodgepodge of celebrity A-listers.

Martha and Snoop have both spent time in prison

There's nothing like a shared experience that can bring two people together, and because of this, Dr. Brown thinks Martha and Snoop share a unique experience that few others have been through: time in prison. Snoop was incarcerated for drug possession, while Martha was sent to jail for insider trading. "While many may be critical of the pervasive nature of celebrity culture, there are many lessons that can be drawn from Martha and Snoop's friendship," Brown told The List. "Martha and Snoop allow their commonalities to find similar ground, and they celebrate their differences. Lately in America, we've let differences and labels drive us apart from one another."

There's a lesson that can be drawn from Martha and Snoop's relationship, and Brown distilled it for The List. "Our unique experiences and distinct thoughts deserve to be shared free from judgement," he continued. "In 2021, let us strive to learn about each other's differences with empathy and understanding and maybe we, too, can have friendships as strong as Martha and Snoop."