The Beauty Procedure That's Taking Over Hollywood

The "fox eye" trend blew up the beauty community last year. All of sudden, everyone wanted cat-eyed looks and slim eyebrows after seeing it on celebrities Bella Hadid and Kylie Jenner. Beauty experts like Brianna Fox and Sagonia Lazarof even began creating YouTube videos instructing their followers on how to achieve the look, according to Teen Vogue. But, what if this trend is more than just eyeshadow and good contour? 

Typically, to reconstruct your bone structure for Instagram flicks as seen with any other beauty trend including "fox eyes," you'd use FaceTune or the other hundreds of photo-editing apps, according to Cosmopolitan. But this time, the outlet says, people (and influencers) are taking it to the next level by thread lifting, a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that lifts your brow by inserting tiny dissolvable threads into your face and pulling the skin, ultimately "lifting" your face. 

Is it costly? Well, it depends. According to Healthline, the average cost of a thread lift is $2,250, but the procedure is typically not paid for by insurance companies. And the baseline cost of the procedure can increase depending on how many threads are needed to achieve that "lifted" look, Instyle reports.

Is thread lifting for you?

Unfortunately, if you want a "lifted" face for a long period, then this procedure is probably not for you. Per Cosmopolitan, the thread lifting only lasts for a maximum of two or three weeks, so if you're looking to wear that "fox eye" look this summer, you might want to look in classical surgical tightening. And, getting the procedure more than two times a year is forbidden, according to Sherene Idriss, a dermatologist at Union Square Laser Dermatology in NYC. "Because the effect fades so quickly, patients might be compelled to head back to their derm every other month, but that's a very dangerous road," she said. "I would never recommend more than two times a year, max."

Instyle says the procedure works better on women in their 30s and 40s because of their natural collagen and their high amount of subcutaneous facial fat. And there are still potential benefits! A thread lift can (possibly) create a long-lasting impact on your face, according to Cosmopolitan. And, while it still won't be the same effect as a regular-old face lift, there's a chance your face can develop natural lifting due to the procedure. 

Regardless of the pros and cons, thread lifting only does one thing: highlight your natural beauty. So, with or without this cosmetic procedure, the underlying message remains: you're beautiful.