What It Really Means When You Have A Mole On Your Hand

Moles can be unsightly, and if you spot one, it might make you want to run to the dermatologist to have it removed. But if the mole is harmless, you may want to think twice about taking it off. Even though it might just look like a skin blemish to you, here's what it really means when you have a mole on your hand.

When it comes to skin growths, moles are among the most common (via WebMD). Typically black or brown, moles might make their mark anywhere on your body, and sometimes cluster together in groups. And although they can be, well, unattractive, they're typically harmless, per the Mayo Clinic. In fact, people with fair skin might get between 10-40 acquired moles (ones that start growing after birth) in their lifetime (via American Academy of Dermatology Association).

But where it gets interesting is the placement of the mole, especially if you're astrologically inclined. Apparently, a mole on your right hand means that you're a hard worker and will get the job done (via Onamanorama). No such luck for the lefties, though. Those who have a mole on their left hand might have big dreams and goals, but are destined to have lead regular lives. According to Your Chinese Astrologya mole on the back of the hand means that you're probably a good money manager. It also signifies talent and success, particularly later in life.

You might want to go to a doctor if your mole shows these signs

Even Cosmopolitan has weighed in on what it means to have a mole on your hand. According to the outlet, it means that a person is "hardworking and energetic," which might offer you some inspiration as you go about your day.

Despite all the positivity, a mole on your hand is something to keep an eye on. According to the Skin Cancer Foundationpeople should look for the ABCDE rule: A is for Asymmetry, since many melanomas are asymmetrical (meaning the sides don't match); B is for Border, which should be smooth and not uneven; C is for color changes; D is for diameter or darkness; and E is for Evolving, meaning the mole changes in some form, or even starts to bleed or itch. If that's the case, make sure to set up an appointment with your doctor or dermatologist.

For the most part, a mole on your hand is insignificant at best, and could be a sign of something special for you if you believe in astrology. But make sure that you make the care of your mole a priority, no matter the placement of it on your body, and you'll continue to have the good fortune predicted for you.