What It Really Means When You Have A Mole On Your Back

Moles are pretty common. The Mayo Clinic says people have 10 to 40 of these small, dark brown spots that can change or fade over time (and are not freckles) — and having them in specific places on the body could mean specific things. So what does it mean when you have one on your back? 

According to the World of Feng Shui, when there is a mole at the nape of the neck, it means the person is/will be equipped with the basic necessities of life. Men with a mole in the center of their backs will have back pain, while women with a mole on their backs may not have class. Additionally, a woman with a mole on the back of her shoulder will carry many heavy responsibilities. A mole located on the back can also signify backstabbing, lack of prosperity, indecisiveness, or wealth, depending on where exactly it is located.

Moleology says moles can influence the future

AstroSage states that a mole below the shoulder blades can represent struggles, while having a mole above the shoulder blades can stand for courage to fight obstacles. Further, one on the right of the shoulder means good health, and on the left side, it represents a diplomatic attitude.

Since these skin spots are with us throughout our entire lives, they can influence our futures, based on their body placements; Askastrologer calls this belief Indian moleology or moleosophy. The site goes on to say that moles pop up due to planetary influences during the time when a fetus forms, though WebMD states the reason is more scientific: moles form when skin cells grow in a cluster rather than spread apart. The outlet also explains that moles can darken due to sun exposure.

Whether from a medical or an astrological viewpoint, however, it can be interesting to learn about how moles come about and what they could possibly mean. Just be careful, as people with over 50 common moles have an increased chance of getting melanoma (via the National Cancer Institute).