This Is What Happened To Candice Glover From American Idol

Season 12 of American Idol was an experience, to say the least. In the show's effort to stay relevant as other singing competition shows like The Voice emerged, they brought out the big guns with the celebrity guest judges. The season saw Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey in a never-ending diva-off, and it was pretty uncomfortable for viewers (via MTV News). 


The drama between judges took attention away from the talent on stage. R&B songstress Candice Glover took home the win that season, making her the first female vocalist to win since Jordin Sparks' Season 6 victory (per HuffPost). Her win was particularly sweet, as it was her third time trying out for Idol after being cut in earlier rounds during her first two attempts.

Like many American Idol alumni, Candice wasn't thrilled with her first album and struggled afterwards. Still, she told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution she doesn't regret being on the show. "I wouldn't trade anything about being on the show," she shared. 

Candice Glover took some time away from the spotlight

A "communication issue" regarding her album release was frustrating for Candice, who took a break from social media and the spotlight after it was finally released. "That definitely affected me ... and by me not really posting on social media and stuff, definitely when you're not letting people know what you do every day, you kind of lose that audience," she explained to NBC News.


Candice pursued music more casually after that, working on songwriting and releasing songs on SoundCloud. In 2017, she got a chance to show off her vocal abilities on Broadway. Candice appeared in Home for the Holidays, a Christmas musical. "It definitely feels like an accomplishment to finally make it to Broadway," she shared. She noted that she'd previously had a chance to be on Broadway, but it didn't work out. "I was feeling very down about that, because I really wanted to be on Broadway," she explained.