This Is The Longest You Should Go Without Getting A Haircut

If you're known to skip a haircut or two, you probably need to know the longest you can go without getting a haircut; you know, before your hair completely loses the plot. After all, as Faith Huffnagle, director of education at Prose, told MindBodyGreen"Even if splits aren't visible, hair begins to weaken every day from hair elastics, brushing, and friction that can start to form small tears along the hair's outer cuticle."

"People with textured hair should be sure to cut their hair every 2-3 months," celebrity hairstylist Angela C. Styles told Seventeen. "For people with non-textured hair, haircuts vary based on how fast their hair grows. However, most people should cut their every 6-10 weeks." But ultimately, it changes from person to person.

"Truthfully, it is best to give you hair a trim before these signs because once you see them there is already damage done," hair expert Philip B explained to Good Housekeeping. "If you can get in front of it, your hair will always appear its healthiest, shiniest and retain the most moisture, bounce, and body." Sign us up!

Unfortunately, cutting your hair regularly won't make your hair grow any faster

But there's one thing you should know. Unfortunately, the myth that cutting your hair will make it grow faster is just that — a myth. As celebrity stylist Harry Josh told Byrdie, "Trims are not going to make your hair grow faster. It keeps the ends clean, but it doesn't accelerate growth at the root." He continued, "The misconception grows from the idea that trims remove damage and breakage at the end, but, honestly, if you're suffering from a lot of breakage, you're probably coloring, heat-styling, or just living a lifestyle that is prone to that kind of damage." So if you really want to give your hair room to grow, you'll have to cut those damaging habits, not the hair.

If in doubt about how often you need to cut your hair (or how long you can wait to cut your hair), talk to your hairstylist the next time you're in the salon. They probably know your hair better than you do.