The Truth About Timothee Chalamet's Past Connection To Ansel Elgort

In case you missed it, Call Me By Your Name's Timothee Chalamet and Baby Driver's Ansel Elgort go waaay back. In fact, the two actors actually went to New York's LaGuardia High School together! Yep, Elgort revealed all on Instagram a few years back, sharing a photo of Chalamet and him at a basketball game when the two were nominated for a Golden Globe at the same time. 


"Laguardia high school pride," Elgort captioned the post. "It's really crazy, Timmy and I played on the same basketball team, we had the same drama teacher Mr. Shifman, we had the same science teacher Mr.Singh, and then in the same year, both of us are nominated for a f$&king Golden Globe!!!" Crazy, indeed.

 So, what does their drama teacher know about them that we don't? "I think there are many sides of both of these fellows that you haven't seen yet," Shifman told Vanity Fair

What Timothee Chalamet and Ansel Elgort taught their teacher

Speaking about Elgort, Shifman revealed, "For one thing, Ansel — he's a triple threat musical-theater performer." He continued, "He's doing [music] videos, and he's composing. He's got a couple of great tunes out there already. He's actually a musical-theater performer. As Hugh Jackman can do a variety of skills, Ansel can as well."


His thoughts on Timothee? Shifman considers him a brilliant actor, and not just in terms of talent: "Timmy, his range . . . I think Greta Gerwig, her description of Timmy I read, I think is really apt. It is something along the lines of—what did she say? "He's a young Christian Bale crossed with a young Daniel Day-Lewis with a little bit of Leonardo [DiCaprio] thrown in and a Mensa I.Q." I couldn't put it any better than she did." He also added, "To be as compelling, connected, and dimensional in their early twenties—I mean, where will they be when they're 40?" We can't wait to find out.