Things To Know Before Getting Into A Relationship With A Virgo

If you're thinking of getting into a relationship with someone who's a Virgo, there are a few things you should know beforehand. Virgos sometimes get a bad rep for being perfectionists with type-A personalities, nitpicking every last detail and overthinking love, work, and everything else. Although all of these traits can be true, there is so much more to know about Virgos than what you see at first glance, like their dark sense of humor and impressive loyalty (via Cosmopolitan).

If you're falling in love with a Virgo, don't fret — this can be your best relationship ever, especially if you are a Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, or Capricorn (via Compatible Astrology). Virgos are known to be the most reliable and hard-working sign, and will do anything for that special person in their life. This sign always walks the talk, and it is rare to meet a Virgo who doesn't follow through (via Elite Daily). If you've had heartbreaking experiences in the past with broken promises, a Virgo might be just what you need.

Apart from reliability, Virgos are known for being practical. Although this trait does not scream romance, it can be incredible. This Earth sign is grounded, will always be there for you, and will help you solve any problem at hand (via Elite Daily). If you're stranded with a flat tire, having issues with a friend, or dealing with family problems, a Virgo will stand by you every step of the way. It's also known that Virgos are natural healers.

All you need to know before dating a Virgo

Although Virgos' reliable, grounded nature can be incredible, it's important to note that this sign can be pretty nit-picky, too. Virgos are astrology's perfectionists and care a lot about organization, cleanliness, and order (via Cosmopolitan). If you don't tend to care about these things and live happily in chaos, this might present an issue in the long run. Even more, Virgos are notorious for needing their space, so if you prefer constant attachment you will probably clash.

Virgos can also be extremely selective of their partners: In the same way they analyze a messy room, they can be overly-analytical of who they're dating. They will overthink about that special someone's personality, spending hours contemplating if that person is right for them (via Elite Daily). In that way, Virgos are also known to be pretty judgmental — they truly find it difficult to deal with imperfections, even in themselves (via Vice). That being said, if they pick you, that means they've decided you're absolutely perfect for them (that's where the romance comes in!).

Yes, Virgos can be adventurous, too

One of Virgos' best qualities is their attention to detail. They will woo you by remembering that dish you ordered at a restaurant seven months ago, or that family story you told them at two a.m. They will always notice a new hairstyle or outfit, and think about random comments you make nonchalantly. Virgos are known to remember everything you say and do, which can be both intimidating and incredible. Of course, this makes for the most romantic, detail-oriented gifts you've ever gotten, like your favorite flowers or a handmade gift about the hobby you once told them you loved when you were younger.

When a Virgo has decided you are the special person for them, they will take you on exciting adventures: They love an impromptu trip (even if they already mapped out all the sightseeing spots), and will make even a grocery run the funnest time you've ever had. While Virgos are analytical, the fact that they're an Earth sign makes pleasure important to them, so their adventurous nature can appear both in and out of the bedroom (via Vice). This sign is intensely attentive and will make sure you are happy in all aspects. If you aren't, a Virgo will chisel your life together like a sculpture, working on it until it's perfect.