Jill Biden's Latest Accessory Has The Internet Talking

When you become a high-profile figure like first lady of the United States, it's inevitable that everything about you will, at some point, fall under a great level of scrutiny. This is especially true of choices that include (but aren't limited to) the fashion trends you might espouse, or the way you choose to wear your hair. Former FLOTUS Laura Bush was all about short, straight, and formal; at one stage, Michelle Obama brought back the 1990s fabric headband (via Elle); and Melania Trump was known for her flowing blow outs, per Vanity Fair. And now, Dr. Jill Biden appears to have brought back a hair accessory that some of us might have left for dead, but still use in private — the scrunchie.

Dr. Jill's scrunchie made its appearance shortly before Valentine's Day 2021 in a photo shared on Twitter, which featured her going sweet treat shopping at a Washington D.C. pastry store. Social media users cooed over the photo caption (which was complete with a two-hearts emoji): "Dropped by @TheSweetLobby earlier to pick up some Valentine's treats for the weekend. Shhh — don't tell Joe!" However, it was the current FLOTUS' hair accessory that got all the love.

Many Twitter users didn't know they 'needed' to see Jill Biden sporting a scrunchie

Twitter showed Dr. Jill Biden their appreciation for her relatability, with one Twitter user saying simply: "So part of what I never realized I needed was a FLOTUS in a scrunchie." Another posted: "I cannot describe how cute I think you are in that pink coat and a scrunchie. Thank goodness for authentic kindness and love returning to our White House." A third person tweeted: "Today, Dr. Biden, the First Lady of the United States, was in my neighborhood supporting a great Black-owned small business. Ya love to see it."

Of course, not everyone loved the attention FLOTUS' hair tie was receiving, given the pressing issues facing the country. "id rather see medicare for all but a scrunchie is cool too i hate it here," one person tweeted, while another shared, "I'd feel more seen with a $2,000 check lol."

Still, author Kate Anderson Brower, had an explanation for why the FLOTUS scrunchie resonated for so many. Brower, who's written several books on traditions at the White House, explained to The Washington Post that there is a huge difference, not just between the governing styles of former President Donald Trump and POTUS Joe Biden, but also in the styles of the women they married: "[Jill] Biden has had decades of experience being herself in public and she's obviously much more comfortable holding her husband's hand and being a demonstrably loving mother and grandmother when the world is watching. I think we need that right now."