Who Is Olivia Pacino, Al Pacino's Influencer Daughter?

Everyone knows Al Pacino. All it takes is hearing his name, and immediately images of Scarface and classic lines like "Say hello to my little friend" pop into our heads (via Screen Rant). But another Pacino is fixed to take the world by storm and is slowly building a name for herself: Al Pacino's 20-year-old daughter, Olivia. Olivia's Instagram makes it clear she is poised to be an influencer. With thousands of followers and moody-lighting photos, the young woman seems to have a passion for the beach and for posing in pretty places. 

So who is Olivia? Olivia Rose Pacino is one half of a set of twins born to Al Pacino and Beverly D'Angelo on January 25, 2001, along with her brother Anton Jones (via People). While her parents were never married and broke up a few years after her birth, Olivia has been raised lovingly by both of her parents per Closer Weekly. It is said she experienced some learning differences as a child, and she herself has attested to how wonderfully the private school her parents sent her to, Fusion Academy Miracle Mile in LA, helped her to thrive and to change her attitude of "I don't know" to "I do know (via YouTube)."  

Olivia Pacino has a joyful and positive social media presence

One thing Olivia Pacino's Instagram has revealed about her life, outside of her penchant for finding sunny spots to snap selfies in cute fashion, is her romantic relationship with aspiring rapper Ryan Harvey. According to a Q & A the duo shared on Instagram, they met on the dating site OK Cupid. The two have posted multiple Stories about their love, and their plans to move in together once they have each made headway in their respective careers. While Harvey is a musician, we have yet to see exactly what Olivia plans to do with her high school degree and considerable opportunities considering her parentage. 

And while we may not know if the young Pacino's ambitions continue as an influencer, or something entirely different, we think it is safe to say, much like the forearm tattoo she featured in a recent Instagram posts,"The world is yours," and we have no doubt, in Olivia's case, it certainly is.