Jill Biden Opens Up About Divorce With Kelly Clarkson In First Interview

We've heard President Joe Biden refer to First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, to whom he has been married to for 43 years, as "the love of his life and the life of my love" (via People). Yet, things very nearly didn't turn out the way they did for the president and the first lady, as Dr Jill tells Kelly Clarkson, in her first solo interview as First Lady. 

Joe and Jill Biden's marriage marks the second time both of them have walked down the aisle. Joe Biden lost his first wife Neilia in a devastating car accident that also claimed the life of their baby daughter, Naomi in 1972, while Jill was married to a businessman named Bill Stevenson. The couple were married in 1970 and eventually divorced in 1975. Dr. Biden's first marriage must have been traumatic, because it took POTUS several asks before he managed to convince his First Lady that marriage was worth a second chance. 

Dr. Jill Biden offered Kelly Clarkson heartfelt advice

The First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden,  hardly talks about that period in her life, at least in public, but she did so during her interview with Kelly Clarkson, who is going through a marriage breakup herself. She candidly revealed to the singer,"This is what I would say to you if I were your mother. My mother always said to me, 'Things are going to look better tomorrow,' and if you can, 'take one day at a time, and things will get better (via YouTube).'" The First Lady sagely revealed to Clarkson that without divorce, she wouldn't have met Joe Biden, and she wouldn't have the family she has today. 

Dr. Jill also reminded Clarkson that things always happen for the best, and was adamant that time would heal. The First Lady told the singer that happiness might come when she least expects it, and that she might be surprised by it, but as the Biden matriarch put it: "I can't wait until that day comes for you, and you're gonna call me up and you're gonna say, 'Hey, Jill, you were right!'"