Why So Much Drinking Goes On At The Golden Globes

The Golden Globes is one of those must-watch TV events where celebs dress in gorgeous (or outrageous) formalwear, hosts make at least one joke that falls totally flat, award winners thank everyone from their mother to their dry cleaner, and the losers do their best not to look disappointed. But the thing that sets the Globes apart from other entertainment awards shows is the drinking. Whereas the Oscars, Emmys, and other ceremonies save the partying for after the final awards, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association lets the liquor flow freely all through the event. 

Just how freely? Last year, Moët et Chandon provided 1,500 mini-bottles of champagne to the stars as they walked the red carpet; inside the Beverly Hilton ballroom, another 125 cases of bubbly were waiting for guests, along with 500 cocktails featuring the brand's Impérial vintage (via Us Weekly). Guests who prefer the harder stuff can take advantage of the open bar, as Tom Hanks did back in 2018 when he was caught on camera bringing a tray of martinis back to his table companions, who included Steven Spielberg (via Twitter).

Liquor and Golden Globes have gone hand-in-hand almost since the awards ceremony began. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Golden Globes ceremonies have almost always taken place in notable Hollywood nightclubs and hotels, where guests had easy access to the bar. In 1971, Walter Matthau admitted as he presented an award, "If everyone seems to be acting peculiar, it's because we haven't eaten yet – and all there is on the tables is booze."

Drunk celebs make for memorable moments

As might be expected, many spontaneous moments have occurred at the Globes as a result of the free liquor. The first occurred back in 1958 when Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr. – all nicely buzzed – spontaneously decided to go on stage and take over the hosting duties.

Some of the most famous include Cate Blanchett admitting to having "a few vodkas under my belt," Quentin Tarantino doing a spit take at hearing his name announced, and Emma Thompson arriving onstage to present an award with her hands full – one carrying her shoes, the other a martini glass. (She had to toss aside her shoes in order to open the envelope.)  In 2001, Elizabeth Taylor had clearly had a few before coming on stage to present the best film award. Not realizing that she was supposed to be reading the list of nominees from a prompter, she opened the winner's envelope instead. Dick Clark had to hurry onstage to stop her before she dropped a major spoiler (via Thrillist).

This year will be no exception; in fact, it's likely that nominees will be indulging even more because they'll be attending remotely. A bartender in the know told the New York Post that the honorees "can go sleep it off the minute the show's over. No party trawling through the Hilton till 3 AM."