Laverne Cox Won The Golden Globes Pre-Show With A Stunning Look

During this evening's Golden Globes pre-show on NBC, Laverne Cox spoke with host Jane Lynch while wearing a stunning bright red sparkling gown that Bustle likens to a superhero outfit while Page Six claims they were getting Bridgerton vibes from the gorgeous dress. Cox's film Promising Young Woman is up for multiple awards tonight, including Best Actress (Carrey Mulligan), Best Motion Picture Screenplay, and Best Director (Emerald Fennell) (via GoldenGlobes). Upon seeing Cox on her screen during the virtual red carpet celebration, Jane Lynch exclaimed how happy she was to see that the actress didn't "miss an opportunity" to go full Hollywood glam.

Just in case the audience might miss the back of her gown without the usual drama of walking an actual red carped, Cox gave her interview standing in front of a full length mirror so that we could see every sequined inch of the sparkling gorgeousness. Smart move!  

Laverne Cox talked Bridgerton while wearing her fancy frock

During a brief interview for E!, Laverne Cox discussed her obsession with Netflix juggernaut hit Bridgerton, saying to host Karamo Brown, "What I think is brilliant about it is that it's a period piece that is so much fun. The music when it's extradiegetic — Google it — it could be a Britney Spears song with a string quartet and played in a very baroque way. So, I love the music" (via Page Six). We Googled it, and extradiegetic means "the presentation of a narrative without direct dramatic imitation of the events, scenes, or characters described" and "the world that is depicted in a work of narrative art, especially a film" (via thefreedictionary). The actress went on to admit she, along with countless other viewers, has a major crush on everyone's favorite duke, The Duke of Hastings, played by Regé-Jean Page

She said of her feelings, "I'm trying to like, pull it back. I've said a little too much about the Duke publicly...I respect him so much as an actor, who's an incredible artist and very, obviously, easy on the eyes." She did, however, admit that she finds the duke "insanely fine."