Fans Think Gillian Anderson's Golden Globes Speech Had A Hidden Meaning

Peter Morgan is better known these days as the writing genius behind The Crown, but he also carries a title that may have been a conflict of interest while filming: Gillian Anderson's ex-boyfriend. After the Netflix series swept the Golden Globes, Anderson shared a rumor-starting speech while accepting the award for Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Limited Series or TV Movie.

PageSix reports that Anderson and Morgan called it quits towards the end of 2020—when the show had gone live on the streamer. To start her speech, the actress dove into her list of thanks, starting with, "Oh my God. Firstly, thank you very much to the Hollywood Foreign Press and to my fellow nominees and to Peter Morgan for imagining that I could inhabit Mrs. T. And to Nina Gold, casting director who believed him or visa versa, however it worked. To Peter Morgan for writing an exquisitely multidimensional character against the odds."

The outlet notes that the couple dated for four years before news of their split became public. However, their separation seemed relatively brief, as rumors swirled of their reconciliation prior to the awards show. Anderson is currently stationed in Prague working on a new film and Morgan is reportedly at her side.

Gillian Anderson and Peter Morgan may have reconciled

While their reconciliation seems hasty, it appears that Morgan's interim relationship followed suit. The Daily Mail reports that the award-winning writer moved on with his friend, Jemima Khan, before quickly getting back together with Anderson. Sources told the outlet that Khan considered their relationship to be rather serious, raising eyebrows with the pace of his reinvigorated love with Anderson. 18 months after the writer ended his marriage to Lila Schwartzenberg, he hit things off with the actress who would go on to play Margaret Thatcher in his series.

PageSix notes that Morgan has five children from his marriage and Anderson has three. The X-Files star was married to Clyde Klotz—the two have a daughter together; she also has two sons from her third major relationship with Mark Griffiths. The Daily Mail revealed that in 2012, Anderson revealed that she was bisexual, saying that she had a relationship with a woman during her college years. But, these days, she's much more tight lipped about her relationship status, leaving many to wonder if her acceptance speech was a clue as to what's going on in her world. 

As for the fifth season of the hit series, fans will likely have to wait until 2022, Town & Country reports. The show will resume filming with new actors playing the characters in June of this year.