Studies Show This Nasal Spray Is 99% Effective Against Covid

While we now have good reason to expect we'll all have access to a safe, effective vaccine (of one brand or other) to protect us against COVID-19, those of us under the age of 65 and not employed in the fields of healthcare or education may still be unsure exactly when our turn will come. According to a graphic provided by news agency Reuters, it may not be until October of this year that a sufficient amount of the U.S. population has been vaccinated for us to reach herd immunity and thus at least try to resume life as we once knew it in those distant days of the 20-teens.

Until that time, though, what can we do to keep ourselves safe? We all know the drill: stay socially distant, wear a mask (or maybe two), and wash, wash, wash your hands. Is there anything else we can do to provide just that extra little bit of insurance against infection, though? Drug company Parnell Pharmaceuticals has one product they think could help with this — according to chairman and CEO Dr. Francis Parnell, who is also a practicing otolaryngology-head and neck (ENT) surgeon, his company's nasal spray Nomovid™ is an extremely effective COVID killer.

How this nasal spray works to fight the virus

Parnell describes Nomovid™ as a saline-based spray that contains natural antioxidants, mucopolysaccharides, and glycoproteins. How the spray works, he tells us, is it "destroy[s] the outer lipid envelope of the coronavirus prior to the virus entering the cells of the body." Parnell explains that since the "Sars-CoV-2virus is mainly transmitted via the nasal cavity where it enters the cells of the nasal membranes," this means that "COVID-19 infections can be reduced by significantly reducing the viral load that takes place in the nose since that is where the virus rapidly multiplies and invades the body."

So how effective is the Nomovid™ nasal spray? According to in vitro studies conducted at an independent laboratory where the product was tested against the live COVID-19 virus, it showed a 99.7+% success rate at germ killing. Not only that, but it was fast-acting, too, taking less than 5 minutes to perform its virus stopping magic.

As to how you use the spray, it is to be applied to each nostril two to three times per day, and Parnell suggests it is especially effective "before going out shopping, traveling, etc." He also says that the product helps keeps lubricate nasal tissues in order to promote good nose health (in case this has ever been a concern of yours). If you'd like to get hold of the product, it is only available directly from the manufacturer, and is priced at $24.95 per bottle plus additional shipping costs.