Mary Trump Reveals How She Really Feels About Donald Trump Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine

No matter how outraged social media might feel over the news that former President Donald Trump had secretly been vaccinated against COVID-19, no one was as flabbergasted as his niece, Mary L. Trump. Hours after the news broke, she took to Twitter, saying: "The Disgraced Former Occupant convinced tens of millions of people that Covid was a hoax and did nothing to stop the spread of the virus. He's responsible for the deaths of over 500,000 Americans. And yet he got the vaccine. What else do we need to know? #pandemicide #massmurder."

Multiple mainstream media outlets, including The Washington Post, reported that Trump and his wife Melania were inoculated before they left the White House in January — this is the first time his office has admitted he had been vaccinated. We're left wondering why it was done secretly, although Rolling Stone furthered the argument that this might have been because many of Trump's supporters were anti-vaxxers. A survey published by Axios notes that a head-turning 41 percent of Republicans say they don't want to get a vaccine when it is offered to them, and only 33 percent say that they want to get vaccinated. 

Mary L. Trump's followers were flabbergasted by the revelation

Mary L. Trump's Twitter followers were equally flabbergasted by the revelation. One supporter pointed out on Twitter that: "This really is the whole ball game as they say. You can apply this to everything he says and does. Literally, everything. He voted by mail too. After telling anyone who would listen it wasn't safe & claiming as part of the Big Lie that it was rife with fraud... He voted by mail."

Another Twitter follower pointed out that the former president also lied about his condition while he was battling COVID-19: "He was also in bad enough shape when he went to Walter Reed hospital that they were going to put him on a ventilator. His oxygen level was in the '80s. But it never came out till months later. Maybe if he would have taken the virus serious we would have more Americans alive today," she said.

A third Twitter follower pointed out that: "His followers were indoctrinated to believe the virus isn't real. He quietly got the vaccine and left them still not believing. The suckers were played...just like he played them with the stolen election hoax. So many will see jail time now...because he played them like fools."

There is a consensus that an earlier admission from Trump could have helped turn vaccine skeptics into supporters. It's not known whether the revelation will change anything now.