90 Day Fiance: Andrew's Mom Has Some Bold Thoughts About Amira

Andrew Kenton's mom, Lori, is no fan of his fiancee, Amira Lollysa, and that's putting it lightly.

As the French-Egyptian 90 Day Fiancé star was met with a ton of love and support from her fans and followers on Instagram while celebrating her birthday over the weekend, she also received an extremely mean-spirited message from her potential partner's mother.

After sharing a racy photo of herself in a skin-tight, tan latex outfit on Instagram, Lollysa received a comment from Lori, a California resident who works in the daycare industry. "You look like [an] ugly piece of mud that is [rubbed] all over the wall. Just like your personality and morals," she wrote, according to a screenshot shared by fraudedmedia, via Screen Rant.

Following the mean post, with was met with plenty of criticism from Lollysa's supporters, the reality star posted a screenshot of the message on her Instagram Stories, along with a comment told her online audience she was "so shocked."

Amira Lollysa reacted to Lori's diss with grace

After reacting briefly to Lori's post on her Instagram Stories, Lollysa shared a positive quote from Dave Willis in another story, which read, "Be an encourager. The world has plenty of critics already." She then said that the quote was her way of responding to anyone who was "choosing bullying."

Although certain followers of Lollysa's believed that Lori's comment may have come from a "fake insta account," noting that the person claiming to be Lori "only has 14 followers," that theory was seemingly shot down when Kenton was confirmed as one of those 14 followers.

As for Kenton and Lollysa's current relationship, they have hinted on occasion that despite their online drama, they are still together. However, as viewers of the TLC series well know, they are contractually obligated to refrain from spoiling the end of their story before it is revealed on the show.