Whatever Happened To Temptation Island's Casey And Ashley

There are a number of reasons couples choose to appear on Temptation Island. For Ashley Howland, "clarity" was at the top of the list (via ScreenRant). According to the outlet, Howland had an epiphany during the show and finally "realized her worth." This new self-discovery led to the end of her relationship with then-boyfriend Casey Starchek. The two had been dating for a year and a half before their on-screen debut (via Talk Nerdy With Us). 

" I realized that it's my life and I should be doing what I want to do and learning who I am as a person because honestly, I didn't really know who I was," Howland said in an interview with Talk Nerdy With Us. "...I was growing into somebody I didn't know that I could be."

With Howland's newfound independence in mind, she decided to reject Starchek's proposal and left the island a new woman with a new beau — Ben Knobloch (via Cheat Sheet).

Who is Ashley Howland dating now?

Ashley Howland and Casey Knobloch's relationship lasted a mere two days before the couple decided to split (via Cheat Sheet). Why? Well, according to Howland, Knobloch wasn't the man she thought he was. "It took like a 360. I'm not even kidding," Howland told Bustle. "We're not together. And he is a completely different person."

She later added, "He's a completely — I have such a strong, like, opinion on Ben now. It's crazy." According to Knobloch, the two split up after Howland allegedly slept with her ex-boyfriend Starchek (via Bustle). Howland denied the hook-up and said that the two ex-lovers "only kissed." It's a classic case of he-said-she-said.

Even though she's now single, Howland has an important message for her fans: "You have to love yourself first before you love anybody else," Howland expressed to Bustle. "That was one of the big things that I learned when I was over there was that, you know, kind of doing what you think is best for yourself, understanding who you are as a person."