Kayleigh McEnany Has Harsh Words For Jen Psaki

Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany has called out her successor Jen Psaki. Appearing on Fox & Friends, McEnany reacted to a clip which showed Psaki repeatedly saying she would "circle back" with different reporters during her six weeks at the Biden White House. 

Speaking on the news program, the former-press secretary claimed she wasn't required to do a "ton of circling back" with reporters whilst working under former President Trump, adding she had the "privileges" of knowing where Trump stood on certain issues. 

"I wish Jen Psaki all the best, it is a very hard job but that being said, we took great pains in our administration to do hours and hours of research beforehand, days sometimes." McEnany continued: "I always knew where my boss stood. Unlike other press secretaries who maybe didn't have walk-in privileges, I could walk in at any time. I always knew where his head was at, so I didn't have to a ton of circling back because President Trump gave a lot of access to me."

McEnany also took a dig at President Biden

As the Daily Mail reports, McEnany also went on to criticize President Joe Biden for going 44 days without holding a press conference, accusing the President of hiding in "the basement."

"It's exactly like the campaign. That was his strategy all along," she told Fox News. "Hide in the basement, don't talk to the American people. That's what President Trump offered. He gave transparency. He was always willing to take questions, always willing to go to the podium, always willing to stop on his way to the helicopter. Transparency is what he offered, and Joe Biden vowed transparency. Now he's set a 100-year record for not going to the podium."

McEnany served as the 33rd White House press secretary under President Donald Trump between April 2020 and January 2021, before moving onto join Fox News as a regular political commentator.