Here's What You Need To Know Before You Make Moon Water

Some people believe you can harness the power of the full moon's energy by making moon water, and guess what? You don't have to leave planet Earth, or even your own home, to do so. 

Here's the concept: The moon reflects the sun's light, and as such, astrologers and others feel that it contains powerful energy that helps with manifestation and possibly even magic. "The Moon rules over the subtle, subconscious, and intuitive aspects of the self, and its wax and wane reflect our own," reports Cosmopolitan. "When we align ourselves with the Moon, we're tapping into an ancient energy current." 


Fashion mogul and former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham is a believer. According to Page Six, she sipped the celestially charged solution at a luxurious spa in Germany in 2019. Beckham drank moon water bottled by Mondquelle, but the refreshing and cleansing liquid is exceptionally easy to make at home. In addition to drinking moon water, you can add it to baths, water house plants and gardens, and clean with this lunar H2O.

However, there are some things you need to know before you make your own moon water. 

Consider this before making moon water

Well+Good spoke with New York Times bestselling author and astrologer Chani Nicholas about using moon water to boost your wellbeing. Nicholas warned that not all full moons are created equal. In fact, some should supposedly be avoided when making moon water.


"Each full moon has its own unique properties, some you may want to harness, some you absolutely do not," Nicholas said. "Only an astrologer can tell you which is good to work with, but as a general rule, eclipses are absolutely not moons you want to harness the energy of. Eclipses cast shadows, revealing to us what lurks there, usually revealing things that are toxic or in need of cleansing. We want to work with eclipses in ways that help us gently remove impurities from our system," Nicholas explained. 

Chugging a glass of solar or lunar eclipse elixir is apparently not a great strategy, but as long as a shadow doesn't cover the moon during its zenith, it's reportedly okay to use the celestial body's energy to create your supercharged liquid. Proponents say the water will still charge even if it's a cloudy night, but it might not be as powerful. A gibbous moon also works in a pinch. "Whichever phase you choose, check which zodiac sign the Moon is in, because this will affect the energy of the water," reports Cosmopolitan


Ready to give moon water a whirl? Here's what you'll need.

Here's how to make your own moon water

Good news: You don't need to get invited to a spa day with Victoria Beckham to indulge in moon water. Making your own is easy and can be quite affordable. All you need is a full or nearly full moon, a container that reflects your intentions (preferably with a lid), a label to include the date and details about the moon you're harnessing, and water that is safe for drinking (if you choose to drink it.) 


According to Well+Good, you can also utilize crystals to "inject some additional power into your H20. If you're getting drained by energy vampires at work, for example, you might want to pick up some crystals for protection." Select herbs and flower fruits can also infuse your moon water with some extra oomph. 

Cosmopolitan suggests an optional meditation to complete your preparations: "Hold your palms over the water and picture the lunar energy moving through the crown of your head, down your spine and arms, through your body, and out of your palms into the water. As you do so, focus on the intention you're setting, then thank the universe for letting you connect with the cosmos. Finally, leave the water to charge overnight." 


By the time the sun rises, your moon water will be ready to use. Cheers to lunar power!