Whatever Happened To Temptation Island's Karl And Nicole?

Temptation Island isn't exactly known for fostering long-lasting, healthy relationships. However, for Karl Collins and Nicole Tutewohl from Season 1, their time on the show was just another test of their relationship.

Tutewohl opened up about the couple's experience on the show in a Feb. 17 Instagram post, writing, "After watching the Temptation Island Season 3 Premier [sic] last night, I am so glad Karl and I are on the other side of that experience. It was no doubt the hardest experience on our relationship."

The USA Network series is designed to create relationship drama by bringing four committed couples to a gorgeous locale where they are separated by gender and given the opportunity to mingle with a dozen "love-hungry" singles each. At the end of their time, each contestant must choose whether they want to leave with their original partner, with someone new, or exit solo.

At the Season 1 Final Bonfire, Collins was ready to leave with Tutewohl, who originally agreed, but later recanted her choice after a conversation from the host. Instead, she felt it was time for their relationship to end (via Digital Spy). Both Tutewohl and Collins work in fitness and went back to focusing on their careers (separately) after the show.

Karl and Nicole are back together and investing in their relationship

Per Chicago Tribune, Karl Collins had to do a little work to convince Nicole Tutewohl that Temptation Island was a "once in a lifetime opportunity" he was so excited about and wanted both of them to be a part of. Before the show, the couple struggled with trust issues, an age gap, as well as differences in their upbringing, and obviously, Temptation Island was there to put their relationship to the test. After walking away from each other in the final episode, they realized that wasn't the end of their story.

It took time to get back on the same page though – per Cheat Sheet. The couple had no plans to get back together at the six-month update- but in November of 2019, the pair started posting about their rekindled romance on Instagram.

In reflecting on the journey of their relationship, Tutewohl reminds followers to be wary of "couples goals" as every relationship has its own challenges and victories. She wrote candidly in an Instagram caption: "The grass is always greener where you water it." 

Collins seems to share the sentiment. On Valentine's Day 2020, he took to Instagram to share, "It is important to express your love and appreciation to your loved one, whether in a big or small manner. Acts of service and making your significant other feel loved and appreciated should be on the regular, not just one day!"