Why Archie's Favorite Words Are Causing A Stir

A child's first words are always a joy to parents, and watching a baby slowly develop mastery of their language is fascinating because which words they choose to say first seem to indicate what's most important to their developing minds. During last night's interview between Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and Oprah, the famous host discussed the developing vocabulary of the couple's young son, Archie, who isn't quite two years old. The couple revealed his first word ever was crocodile, an impressive three-syllable word for a kid to tackle. At one point, Oprah asked, "What's his new favorite word? What's his favorite word now?" (via Daily Mail). 

Meghan joyfully replied, "Oh my gosh. He's on a roll. In the past couple weeks, it has been 'Hydrate,' which is just hysterical." And then Harry stepped in to add, "But, also, whenever everyone leaves the house, he's like, 'Drive safe.'" Both of these are pretty remarkable for such a young child, as folks are used to hearing toddlers his age focus on words like "momma," "dada," and other simple words like "dog," "cup," etc. 

Twitter has a mystical theory about Archie's first words

Little Archie's first words have the internet buzzing. While some people feel the couple is simply making it up and that no 22-month-old can say a three syllable word like crocodile, others are all atwitter over a more mystical theory. When viewers heard that Archie tells everyone who leaves the house to "drive safe," many couldn't help but to think of the child's late grandmother, Princess Diana, who passed away after a car accident. While the explanation could be as simple as Archie repeatedly witnessing Meghan and Harry always telling each other to drive safe when they leave home, some people have a different theory: that Princess Diana is speaking through the young prince. 

One Twitter user said, "#drivesafe said Diana through Archie." A second tweeted, "You couldn't watch the Oprah interview without thinking Princess Diana is with Harry anMeghan and Archie." Meanwhile, a third echoed this sentiment, saying, "omg the fact that Archie's latest words are 'drive safe' is literally haunting..."