What Does It Mean When Your Right Foot Itches?

If your foot is itchy, you might be surprised to know that there may be a symbolic meaning for it. Even if the true culprit is just a bug bite, finding out the superstition behind it can be interesting – and may lend more information into your future than you thought! 

Across the world, cultures have come up with many meanings for an itchy foot, but they vastly differ depending on whether they're referring to the right or left. Luckily, if it's your right foot that's making you scratch, it's all about good omens. 

As Paranormal Authority explains, the left foot is often associated with negativity as several cultures view the right hand and foot as "dominant." In fact, left-handed people were once thought to have "the hand of the devil." This may explain why so many superstitions related to itchy right feet are positive, while itchy left feet can mean a difficult path. 

It's safe to say that whether your left or right foot is itching, you're in for some serious traveling. 

According to Aunty Flo, foot itching means that a voyage is in the cards for you, which relates back to 1930s folklore. Even today, many still use the saying "itchy feet" for wanting to jet-set across the world, or use the phrase "itching to travel." While a left foot can mean an unenjoyable trip or losses experienced on the journey ranging from money to relationships, an itchy right foot is all about smooth sailing.

Here are all the symbols behind an itchy right foot

Aunty Flo explains that an itchy right foot simply means a forthcoming journey that will likely require planning from your part. This can mean getting your luggage ready, or setting up daily itineraries for your future voyage. If your right sole is itching, it can symbolize that the trip will be financially lucrative (always a win!) so be sure to watch out for any opportunities heading your way.

Far away from voyage-related folklore, Aunty Flo also states that itching at the top of the foot might mean that someone is talking about you, so be wary of that. However, the website maintains that the right foot is most often the "positive foot" and signifies good things will occur. Paranormal Authority echoes that statement, citing that an itchy right foot means a smooth, positive journey, whether it's a spiritual one after trauma, or a plane ride away to another country. The site also talks about itchy right feet meaning good luck, but says you still need to put effort in making that luck happen.

Legends also state that itchy feet in general can mean that your shoes will break soon, symbolize sorrow in your life, or signify that someone is walking over the place you will be buried one day (via Paranormal Authority). Although there are several superstitions for itchy feet, it's safe to say that scratching your right foot is always a good thing.